Fussy Eating Solved! Get Your Kids To Eat Anything by Emily Leary

One of the biggest challenges parents face is feeding their child. It's even more of a challenge for us, as part of Blake's fussy eating is down to being autistic. I'm planning to do a seperate post about Blake's eating habits and why it's challenge for autistic children in general.

As a parent I've found since day one, when my son was born I was in a constant worry about how much milk he was having. Then weaning happened and I was worried about if I was giving him enough and what we were able to give him. We tried the puree route which didn't go well so moved onto baby led weaning.  Then he was ill with the norovirus just after his first birthday and then fussyness kicked in and he has such a limited diet since.

Recently blogger Emily Leary has released a cookbook and guide Get Your Kids To Eat Anything. I was lucky enough to get a copy and am looking forward to trying out some of her recipes. I'm always looking for new recipe ideas and ways to encourage Blake to try a more variety of foods. 

Get Your Kids to Eat Anything is a unique 5 phase programme looking at the issue of fussy eating in a way that links imagination with food. It also great for the whole family, to try out new recipes and not revert to  the same meals each week. We as a family are definitely guilty of this and tend to have the same meals each week out of lack of inspiration.
So what is the 5 phase approach?
Phase 1 – Put the unfamiliar into the familiar
Phase 2 – Educate
Phase 3 – Discover the fun in food
Phase 4 – Step into the unknown
Phase 5 – Cement variety
I love the idea of breaking it down into phases and this is definitely much more than just a cookbook. Emily tells about how she came up with the approach, as well as how to adjust your mindset and prepare the family. Emily touches on meal planning which is something I really struggle with and also lists must have ingredients to stock up on to get you started. At the end of each phase Emily has added a section for you to  reflect on the recipes you have tried so you can work out what was liked and disliked. All of the recipes Emily has included in her book recipes that  look delicious and easy to make. I'm definitely looking forward to trying out her ideas the jacket pototo with homemade baked beans seems a good one to start with for us. Huge thanks to Emily for sending me a copy. 

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