Plans for our first home

If you are a regular reader you will probably know that after 10 years of renting Stuart and I finally bought our own house back in February.  We've now been living here for 3 months and have slowly been doing updates on our home. 

We have quite a lot to do and are currently saving up to get bits and bobs done. It's definitely going to take us time to get everything how we want it and I wanted to share with you our ideas.

Living/Dining room

As you walk into the house you walk straight into our living/dining room with the stairs straight ahead. The living/dining room is the room we want to really get done asap but will cost us a fair bit. Currently the walls are painted purple and grey with purple tones. There is also a feature wall which has purple rose patterned wallpaper. We want to paint the walls all one shade of grey and for the feature wall we have found a stunning silver/grey wallpaper we love.  Before we can do that though we want to sort out the fireplace as it is currently covered with tiles. Our plan is to take them off and sort out getting a wood burning fireplace put in if possible. We also plan on replacing the skirting boards along with ones in other rooms around the house. 


In regards to the kitchen it's more about updating the painting to make it look more fresh and new looking. The kitchen was replaced by the previous owners not too long ago and we are actually happy with the units and flooring.  I'm not a huge fan of the current black and cream tiles though so we may end up eventually replacing them. I'd like to bring a bit of colour into the room and am thinking blinds would be a good way to do so I've also been looking at Lionshome to give me some inspiration. 

Blake's Room

When you head upstairs Blake's room is the first room right at the top. We aren't a huge fan of the green theme going on in there and Blake doesn't seem a fan either. I've been using Pinterest for ideas and am thinking of painting the walls a neutral colour and just use accessories to brighten up the room. As children tend to grow out of things easily i thought this would be the best way to go. Currently Blake's into pj masks and has bedding, a rug and cushion in his room and these can easily be changed when the time comes that he moves onto something else.


The hallway is small and narrow. I think we will be sticking with the grey and just add photos on the walls. At the end of the hall I'd like to get a full length mirror eventually. 


The bathroom doesn't really need anything doing. We are happy with the design and I love our LED lights on the beams. We may replace the shower door eventually but that's it.

Our Bedroom 

The room is currently painted all grey and has a good size built in wardrobe. We are still trying to decide how we want our room, however we have blush curtains so I'm currently thinking of neutral walls with one wall wallpapered. As for the built in wardrobe we want to give it a proper revamp inside including the flooring and change the doors to sliding ones. 


Last of all is the attic which will be the last room we do as it needs a lot of work. Currently we are using it for storage and I can't get good enough photos to share. We are thinking of blue walls and painting the brown beams white to bring more light into the room. We need to get the floor fixed properly and are considering laminate like the majority of the house is. There is also a little area that looks like the previous owners were trying to turn into a small toilet that we are unsure what to do with. With that said once the room is done up we can use it as a spare room for family visiting.  I've found some desks I really like the look of from Lionshome too so could even use the room as an area for blogging. 

*In collaboration with Lionshome 

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