June started off well with the in laws visiting. However the week after we had to cancel our holiday the day before we were to go away as the area was flooded and no trains or buses were running.  This was of course disappointing and we had to change our holiday to July which meant paying extra due to summer holiday prices. We've had a visit to Blake's new school for the intake meeting and a home visit so we could chat about Blake's needs for starting in September. We now have some sessions booked in for him during July to get use to the environment and staff.  We've also had both Fathers Day and my Birthday this month so it's been busy.

This month I've got through 5 books which are a good mix of genre's.

Playgroups and processco By Jo Middleton
I absolutely loved this hilarious and very relatable read. If you are a mum you will love this book as it shares the ups and downs of parenthood. Now pass the jaffa cakes.

Milkman by Anna Burns
It took me awhile to get into this one, however I persevered and I'm glad I did as I found myself getting hooked. I don't think it would be everyone's cup of tea however I like that its different from the usual books I'd pick up.

The Familiars by Stacey Halls
This one has to be my favourite read of June. The story is based on the true events on the Pendle Hill witch trials. Many of the characters  are based on real names, although the story is fiction. If you enjoy historical fiction than this is for you.

The disappearance of Emily Marr by Louise Candlish
Not as good as a previous read (our house) by this author, however I still found it to be an enjoyable read.

The guilty one by Lisa Ballantyne
A crime book of sorts. The book goes between lawyer Daniel and his story of when he was a young boy and Sebastian who is 11 years old and has been arrested for the murder of 8 year old Ben.



Good girls - back for season 2 and I really hope they will do season 3.

Black Mirror-  season 5, again I'm hoping they will do more series 

The good place-  my most recent binge watch I'm on season 1 episode 9 so far.


Mama Mia & Mama Mia here we go again - I had to watch the first one again before my first time watching the second. They are both so cheesy, however I do love ABBA and their music. 

Mary Poppins Returns - I treated myself to this with my birthday money. Personally I feel its not as good as the classic one but still an enjoyable film.


My mental health isn't good at the moment ao I've been distracting myself with the calm app again. As well as the meditations I'm now enjoying the music on there to help me to relax. Chasing wonder is my favourite so far, but I still have many more I've yet to listen to.

I've also been listening to ABBA Gold Greatest Hits as you can't beat ABBA to chear me up. 

Last of all I've heard Blake singing happy Birthday to me which is incredibly sweet and even helped by blowing out the candle.


New handbag - This was my birthday gift from Stuart. It's from a company on Facebook called Blue Sky Bags. I absolutely love the bucket style and the rose print fabric with the black leather. The lady makes them herself and you can see the love and care gone into it. Unfortunately she isn't making any bags now for 2 years as she needs to focus on her studies.

Daisy Print top - I just love the summery print. Blake loves daisys too so it's kind of apt that I picked this one out. 

Dew knot earrings - I'm a huge fan of Dew earrings and own a few different designs. This pair was what my in laws got me for my birthday and I love them and been wearing them ever since.


Wonderful memories. We had the in laws over and Blake was loving seeing them. We had a few days out which I wrote about the first was Whisby Animal Park and Play Barn  The second was our local soft play centre, Playhouse Gainsborough  

Blake and I also did a fun activity making alien from a paper plate. It's such an easy make too as all we needed was a paper plate, paint sticks, Glue and googly eyes. 

As next year I'll be 30 I decided to compile a 30 before 30 list. If you are doing similar kind of list I do hope this will give you some inspiration. 

Also over on both my instagram and facebook pages I'm sharing my #100happydays. I'd love to see you join in or check out what is making me happy each day.

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