Whisby Animal Park and Play Barn | Lincolnshire

Recently I've been thinking of sharing more of our days out and adventures. We have Stuart's mum and her husband spending time with us for just under a week atm. This means we are making most of the time together so you will likely see a few more days out posts coming up. Today we headed to Whisby Animal Park and Play Barn in Lincolnshire.

Location and Admissions :

Whisby Animal Park and Play Barn is located in Whisby Lincolnshire. 
The Animal Park and Play Barn is situated within Whisby Garden Centre. We started off at the cafe as we arrived around lunch time before heading to the Animal Park and Play Barn. 

The Garden Centre of course is free but when you get round to the play barn you pay for entry for the indoor and outdoor play areas and see, feed and pet the animals. 

Current prices are:
Adult £1
Child  £4.95 

Things to do at Whisby Animal Park and Play Barn:


When you arrive you go right through the Garden Centre. There are signs to show you the way to the Play Barn so that its easy to find. Once you are at the Play Barn that's where you pay for access to the play facilities and seeing the animals. 

Inside the play barn where you pay is also a great sized soft play area with lots for children to play on. There is also a cafe where we got ice cream, a party area and most importantly toilets. 

The animals:

The animal centre isn't massive however it didn't bother us.  You can pay to get some feed for the animals however this wasn't something we chose to do. Even though the animal selection is small its a lovely place to visit and we spotted  Deer's, an alpaca, goats, geese, chickens, ducks, rabbits and guinea pigs. 


Outside there is a large play area where its great for children to run around and burn off some steam. This is especially ideal on on days like today when we've had beautiful sunshine. They have a mixture of play equipment suitable for children of Blake's age and a bit older plus for younger children too. There are plenty of benches around which is handy if you want to take a picnic. There is a sandy area which looks like lots of fun ( Blake wasn't bothered) , a zip wire and more. 

Overall we had a lovely time at at Whisby Animal Park and Play Barn and would definitely go again. Blake loved the animals and the play areas and I definitely think it was great value for money. 

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