34 photos to capture this Summer

The arrival of summer means making memories and enjoying the sunshine. There are beautiful reminders of how the summer season is such a delight all around us. From nature to the coasts and countryside it's time to soak it all in and why not have fun snapping some photos to look back on? Or even do a photography competition with friends or children to spot summery delights to snap.

With this said I've decided to compile a fun list of things to capture this summer to give you a bit of inspiration:

- Footprints in the sand
- A bucket and spade
- A sand castle
- Wild Strawberries 
- A brightly coloured deckchair
- A glorious summer sunrise/ sunset 
- A picnic  set up
- A babbling brook 
- An ice cream cone
- A juicy watermelon
- A pair of flip flops
- Clouds
- A woodland trail
- A cocktail 
- Any flowers you spot
- Any bugs and animals you spot 
-  A water fountain 
- A decorative canal boat
- A rainbow
- Your children playing at the beach
- Your children playing at the park
- Your children playing in the garden
- Your children doing other summer activities
- Bubbles
- Summer hats
- Seashells
- Summery landscapes
- Sunglasses
- Beach huts
- Hot air balloon
- Swimming
- Fun at the arcade 
- The pier 

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