Nature’s Path Envirokidz Breakfast Cereal

You may be aware of how fussy my 4 year old is when it comes to food.  It's one of Blake's autistic traits and he has such a limited diet. So when Blake decided to start eating different breakfast cereals other than just cheerios we were so proud of him and was so happy that we have managed to achieve something positive in regards to his eating. 

Natures Path got in touch and asked if Blake fancied trying out three new cereals from their Envirokidz range.  So of course I said yes especially as they are organic and contain no artificial ingredients or colourings.  They are also dairy free, gluten free and vegan and made with simple ingredients.

The 3 cereals we received are : Choco Chimps, Gorilla Munch and Leapin Lemurs. On the packs you can find interesting facts and  drawing activities to inspire children to to care about the world we live in. Each animal featured on the packs represents an endangered or vulnerable specie that Nature's Path helps through it's donations. 1% of sales of these cereals are donated to help those endangered animals.

Choco Chimps - Raises money for the Jane Goodall institute,which creates educational resources for local countries in Africa and promote the importance of environmental stewardship.

Gorilla Munch - Supports the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, saving gorillas through community patrols and educating and empowering children to be stewards in the rainforest.

Leapin Lemurs - Helps the lemur conservation foundation and the creation of an Envirokidz centre, which in turn provides a community and education space in Madagascar. 

The cereals taste delicious too and Blake's favourite is of course the Choco Chimps. If you fancy giving them a try Morrisons should stock all 3 and Tesco, asda and other stores may also have selection ones. Each box retails at £2.99.

Whilst Blake enjoys his new cereals in the morning .  I like to take time out playing free phone games  this is the perfect time for me to have a bit of down time. 

* We were gifted the Natures Path cereals in exchange for this review. However all thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

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