Our Summer 2019 Bucket List

Summer is almost here and we are looking forward to making the most of it. Children get bored easily so one of the things we like to do is come up with a list of fun ideas of what we can get up to. 

The summer holidays can be expensive, however they don't have to be. Below is our list of fun free and low cost ideas.

- Go to the beach
- Have a BBQ
- Have a picnic
- Go to the park
- Baking
- Go to a splash park
- Go Swimming
- arts and crafts
- Visit a nearby museum
- Go to Kings park in retford
- Turn up the music and have a good dance
- cloud gazing
- go on a bug hunt
- feed the ducks
- make a fairy garden
- get the bubbles out
- walk along the river trent
- day trip to Leeds
- go to the cinema
- play in the garden
- visit Richmond park (Gainsborough)
- explore more of Lincoln
- go to a pick your own farm

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