August #LittleLoves

August seems to have flown by. I think because we had just under a week visiting family and then this week we've had our garden done it's broken up the month a bit. So it's made it seem to have gone faster than usual. Next week Blake will be starting school so this weekend I need to start washing and then labeling all his uniform, shoes etc.

Right lets get into what I've been loving this month.

I've just finished reading my 6th book of the month and I've had a good mix. One of my reading goals I've set recently is to read more classics so you will see one featured this month and mostly more soon too.

Something to tell you by Lucy Diamond 

An easy read which tells the story of frankie who's mother passed away.  She finds a letter that was hidden that reveals who her Dad is. So she decides to go and meet him.

I looked away by Jane Corey 

The story is about Ellie (grandmother to josh) and this tells her life story. From losing her mum as a child, her father remarrying , gaining a baby brother  and an accident that changes everything. Along with her meeting her husband and having her own family. The book also follows a homeless lady called Jo and their stories tie together. This is a book that takles both topics of homelessness and PTSD.

If you could go anywhere by Paige Toon

I picked this up as it's a summery read. Angie has always wanted to travel but at 29 she still hasn't left her small mineing town. Ready to go travelling after her mother has died Angie has a shock when finding a letter hidden addressed to the father she has never known. As Angie sets off on her journey to find the truth – about her family, her past and who she really is – will enigmatic stranger Alessandro help guide the way?

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
I've now got a list of classics I want to read and I decided to pick up Wuthering Heights  first. On reviews I've read there certainly seems to be a good mix of thoughts and I definitely feel it's a marmite of books with some loving it and others not so much. I am the former and really enjoyed this dark read.

The Mummy Bloggers by Holly Wainwright 
This is such a fun and easy read. The story tells of 3 bloggers and their fight to win a  blig award. Some of them do such crazy things to try and win. 

My last read is actually for a book tour I'm part of and isn't available until next week. All I'll reveal is that it's a great debut crime novel so if you are interested come back to my blog on wednesday to find out more on this new release.


 I've hardly watched anything on netflix this month. I'm definitely upping my game for September though.

Workin Mums season  2
The Letdown season 2 

Christopher Robin
If you love winnie the pooh than Christopher Robin is a must see. It's been out for awhile now and I've finally got around to watching it.


This month my sister had a gender reveal party and I heard that she is team blue and having her own little boy. I'm so incredibly excited for 2020 and meeting him.


The summer outfits have been out and I've had a chance to wear maxi dresses quite a bit. 

Quite a few crafts this month. We were lucky to receive the crafty little learners box at the end of July. We've been doing a lot of rainbow themed crafts as that was the theme of the month. We also made our own carnivorous garden although I'm disappointed to say nothing has grown yet.


We have had the garden done. It's mainly new concrete with a small grass area and we are going to get some planters and once we've got the garden how we want it I'll share a post but here is a sneak peek for now. 

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