Be My Bear | Magic Dragon Kit

Who doesn't love a soft and cuddly stuffed toy? Be My Bear are a company that I recently came across, who sell anywhere bear kits that are ideal as gifts and for parties.

The kits are a fun activity for children to do as they get their own adorable soft toy when completed. Be my bear sell individual kits as well as party kit packs. I got to choose an individual kit for Blake from such a wide selection of teddy and animal designs. In the end after taking quite a while I settled for the Magic Dragon kit. 

The Magic Dragon from Be My Bear is a mythical stuffed animal with beautiful soft blue fur which features some purple highlights on its nostrils, horns and wings. 

Hailing from Mount St. Helens Volcano in Washington State, USA, Magic Dragon enjoys soaring through the skies visiting neighbouring states like Oregon and Idaho and also enjoys taking a cool dip in the nearby sea. Being a mythical animal makes Magic Dragon hard for people to see, but with a little imagination and a dash of belief, you'll have no trouble seeing dragon soaring high through the clouds.

What do you get in the kit?

The kit contains everything you need to make your adorable stuffed animal:
Magic Dragon bear skin
super-soft stuffing
heart charm
birth certificate
party invitation
and a deluxe carry bag

The instructions are pretty simple to follow and what's great is that there is no sewing required. When you turn over the magic dragon skin there is a outer velcro enclosure under that is the inner zip closure. This is where you fill the skin with the stuffing provided making sure you get enough into the arms and legs of your soft toy. You then rub the charm and say the little ditty/wish rhyme which is on the back of the instructions. At this point you can add a recordable voice box which is one of the additional extras to can pay for. Then all you have left to do is close using the one way zipper, remove the thread and seal the outer velcro pouch. You then have your own soft toy but the fun dont end there as your child  can name their toy and fill out the birth certificate. 

What additional items are available?

 1 x Teddy Bear Passport +£4.00
 1 x Fabric Pens (8 Pack) +£4.50
 1 x White 16" T-Shirt +£1.99
 1 x Recordable Twist Sound Module +£5.75

The Magic Dragon set I recieved was the 16 inch kit which retails at £10.75 however you  can get a 8 inch kit for £7.50.  We didn't do any additional extras however I feel they are a lovely option to have available.

*We were gifted the Magic Dragon Kit. However all thoughts are my own.

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