University Games Inch Worms | Review

Sunday in our family tends to be mostly a relaxed day. It's a day we like to choose a game to sit down and play together. Even better is when a game is not only fun but educational for Blake.

Recently we've been playing a cute and fun measuring game from university games called Inch Worms. The game is aimed for children 3 years and over and you can play with 2-5 players.  One round of game takes around about 15 minutes or so.  There are 2 ways in which to play the game. One using the number side of the spinner and the other the colour side. 

What does the game come with?
The game comes with a grassy mound, 10 worms and a double sided spinner.

The aim of the game is for players to take turns and what they spin determines how many sections of a worm you pull out. The player with the most worm sections wins.

The game is ideal for children to help learning both numbers and colours. It's fun  for children to pull out the worms section by section to see how long the worm is. You can snap the worms together to create a long worm so you can see better who wins. 

It's an easy and fast paced game for children and it's been a hit with Blake. I felt the set up was the difficult part as fixing the worms together and then putting them through the mound was quite fiddly.  Other than that it's been a simple and fun game to play together. 

*We were gifted the game in return for this review. All thoughts are my own.

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