An Elf For Christmas

Ad – Review. I was sent the elf reward kit, book and advent letter for review purposes and all thoughts are my own

Everyone should know by now that Christmas is my favourite time of year. As a family we have quite a few traditions and this year we now have An elf for Christmas.

The tradition is a fun way to encourage good behaviour in the lead up to the big day. Your elf stays with you throughout December leaving when your child is in bed asleep to Santa to report good behaviour. But watch out, elves are cheeky creatures and in the night can cause a lot of funny mischief.

The Elf for Christmas Magical Reward Kit contains everything you need for this tradition. The elf you receive is excellent quality and you can get both boy or girl variants. We recieved a boy who we've named Pip and he wears such sweet green cord dungarees.  As well as the elf the set contains all you need to encourage good behaviour and is suitable for up to two children, although you can purchase refill kits which are suitable for larger families or anyone wanting a full pack.

As well as the elf the kit contains:
  • An Arrival Letter from Santa
  • Mini Elf Report Cards
  • 2 x Letter to Santa Templates
  • 2 x Official Nice List Certificates
  • Christmas Reward Chart & a Sheet of Elf Stickers
  • Beware of the Elf Sign & Santa Please Stop Here Sign 
  • Departure Letter
  • A Thank You Postcard

The elf's first adventures book is such a sweet story filled with beautiful illustrations that are both colourful and engaging. Starring an elf for Christmas who goes on a quest to find a family who will give him a loving home. 

Last of all we received these sweet 24 advent letter set. It's the 3rd edition set new for 2019 which are written by your little elf pen friend Pip Mcjingles. They are a perfect addition for the countdown to Christmas! They arrive in sweet little numbered envelopes, these enchanting notes will let children in on the secret fun, magic and mayhem that goes on at Santa's workshop throughout December.

I think An elf for Christmas is a magical way of bringing fun and adventure to the Christmas countdown. 

If  you have been thinking about having an elf join you for Christmas then check out An elf for Christmas. They even have extras on their website such as colouring pages you can print off and they have a facebook page sharing ideas of what your cheeky elf can get up to. 

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