Portable North Pole Magic Pass | Review

*We received a code for a free Magic Pass in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own

Christmas is the most magical time of year, especially for children. The lead up to the big day is just as important to us and I love keeping the magic alive for Blake.  Even though Blake is autistic and has limited understanding of what is going on, we do our best to involve him. We have many Christmas traditions some such as putting out a mince pie on Christmas Eve like Stuart and I did  as children and new and fun ideas that weren't around when we were little such as the Christmas Eve Box and the Christmas Elf.

Portable North Pole is an app that really does help to the keep the magic of Christmas alive.  A magic pass to use on the app unlocks all the premium videos and other content. Portable North Pole is available on the App Store and Google Play or online too.

The app is super simple to download and with a magic pass that costs £12.99 there are many wonderful videos to choose from and more.

With the Magic Pass, you get:

- Unlimited Premium videos and calls for an unlimited number of kids
- First name guaranteed
- Multi-device scenarios
- Reaction recorder
- 2019 PNP Nice List Certificates
- 1080hd downloads
- Family options

- Video calls from Santa

What really makes the app feel special is that the videos, phone calls and video calls  can be all personalised. When writing your child/rens name/s you are able to hear how Santa will pronounce it. You can also select your childs gender, date of birth, a photo of your child and other info about them such as what country they live, what they do like going to school, what gift they really want for Christmas etc. 

Once videos are created they are saved in the parents section which is protected by a pin code you choose. 

In the children's section they can watch the created video. Not only that there is a advent calandar, bedtime stories and games for them to enjoy. 

One of the things I reccomend is opting to record your childs reaction. It really is such a wonderful feeling. Blake each time has been super excited jumping and flapping and loved seeing Santa.  The videos are so convincing and the scenery is all beautiful and we love seeing the elves too.

With Blake's birthday on the 16th I'm looking forward to Blake's reaction to Santa and his elves remembering and giving him a call. There is also a Christmas Eve video to look forward to and I'll be using other video chats and calls throughout December too.

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