Review | NOVIE The Interactive Smart Robot

Ad – Review. I was sent Novie for review purposes and all thoughts are my own

Meet Novie the Interactive smart robot by Spin Master. A sweet faced mini robot that will entertain the whole family. Novie is agreat STEM toy for teaching children to think about what they play with such as using logic with how things work. STEM toys are raising in popularity at the moment as they are great for expanding childrens little minds. 

Novie is great for encouraging the idea of coding. This is done via tricks and commands using hand gestures. You have to carry out the sequence for each trick to be unlocked. This is actually alot of fun although Blake finds it a bit tricky at the moment he loves watching me show him how Novie works. 

Novie is ready to play straight from the box as batteries are included. On the base of Novie there is an on and off switch and on the top of his head is a button for you to go through the different stage modes available.

Novie once turned on his eyes light up to let you know he is ready to play. Overall there are 12 tricks and 75 actions he can learn and preform. The quick guide that you get with Novie is simple to read and understand meaning you can start right away.

Novie is taught different fun tricks like Spinout, Wheelie, Wacko Walk, Fartnado and more. The 3 different modes available that increase the difficulty,he’ll get better with practice until he learns each trick! Once Novie has mastered a trick he'll make a happy sound. 

If you have more than one Novie you will find that they will actually play together. Aimed at ages 4 and over this cute and clever mini robot is not just fun for children but for adults too. 

Novie is so easy to use and such a fun little robot. We have used him on both carpet and hard flooring  and he works much better on hard surfaces as he can zoom around more easy.  He seems a robust little thing and when you stop playing with him he likes to show off what he has learnt before eventually going into sleep mode. 

The only thing I would say is a problem is the amount of plastic packaging for such a tiny item. This is definitely something alot more companies need to look into reducing. 

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