Likes & Loves | January 2020

Well January I can safely say wasn't as stressful as last year. We've had quite a few appointments going on though in regards to Blake and trying to sort out school and speech therapy etc.

This year I have chosen instead of doing the #littleloves posts each month to instead do liked and loved posts because it's not as restricted with categories as the #littleloves linky. I'm going to leave books out of these posts as I will be doing a separate monthly what I've been reading posts. You can read what I've read in January here if you are interested.

Any items that are gifted to me for a possible mention within this feature will be clearly marked with a *


My skin has been incredibly dry recently and I've tried so many different moisturisers and the Olay Luminous Whip has been the one I've found to be the best that is working for me. It's pretty pricey compared to what I'd usually spend but I'm willing to spend that bit more as i love how soft and hydrated my face feels after I've used it.

 I've also been using these Dove exfoliating body scrubs. My skin definitely feels much more smoother after using these and they smell absolutely amazing too.

Along with my skin feeling dry my lips have been feeling dry and sore too. I picked up the Blistex Intesive moisturiser balm and it's been working wonders on keeping my lips hydrated compared to some of the other lip balms I've used in the past.

Shows I've been loving:

Netflix: You (season 2)
Season 2 has taken me a bit longer to get into but I still binged watched the whole season in about 2/3 evenings.

Amazon Prime: Good Omans
I've started using amazon prime tv and Good Omans caught my eye and I've really enjoyed it.

Netflix: Dirty Dancing
Confession time. This month I watched Dirty Dancing for the first time and honestly can say its right up there with some of my favourite films now.

Home related:

 Having a dishwasher
After not having a dishwasher since moving here we decided to go ahead and just buy one this month. Washing and drying up is definitely my of my least favourite chores.

 Snake plant
We visited the garden centre one weekend to look at plants for our garden and I spotted this houseplant that I liked the look of. I decided not to get it as wanted to know more about it first. Luckily it's a plant that is meant to be easy to look after so let's hope we can keep it alive.

I've been loving the delicious selection of grains and pulses by Jamie Oliver that I found in Lidil. My favourite is the sweet chilli spelt one but they all taste delicious and are healthy too.

Visiting family
We had a wonderful time at the beginning of January spending time with family.  I wrote about what we got up to in my first Little Moments post of the year which you can read here.

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