February has been another great reading month. Even though I've read 6 books only 2 of them have been for the popsugar reading challenge prompts and a further 2 were for book tours I've been involved with.

Alot of the books are crime/thriller types with a fun read to break it up a bit too.

The Wreckage by Robin Morgan-Bently 
Not my favourite book of the month. I gave this one 3 stars as it didn't really wow me. You can read my review for the book tour here.

The Woman Downstairs by Elisabeth Carpenter 
This was the second book tour read. There were definitely some suspenseful moments but it didnt keep me on the edge of my seat. You can read the book tour review of this one here.

Why Mummy Swears By Gill Sims
I picked this one off my bookshelf as I needed a more light hearted read after the last 2 thrillers. I've not read any of her other books but I wasnt overally keen on this one and didn't find it as funny as I had hoped to.

The Holiday by T.M.Logan
I had heard quite a bit of hype about this one. I picked it for the prompt a book that has the same name as a film but isn't related. After a bit  of a slow start I'm glad I carried on as it picked up and was such a thrilling and enjoyable read. I can see why alot of people enjoyed this one.

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides
This one I picked for the prompt a book that won an award in 2019. Orginally i was using it for the medical thriller prompt but chose to change it as The Donor works for that one. Incase you are wondering The Silent Patient won the Goodreads choice awards on the mystery and thriller category. 

This was again a book I had heard quite a hype about in some of the facebook book groups I'm in and I can see why. I absolutely loved it, for me I was gripped from near enough the beginning and couldn't put it down. I managed to read quite a chunk of this one whilst travelling home from visiting family. 

The Donor by Clare Mackintosh  
Clare Mackintosh is an author who's every book I've read from her so far I've loved. I actually have another of her books on my tbr pile. The Donor is part of The Reading Agency quick reads. It's only 100 pages and so raced through this one. I've decided to use this for the medical thriller prompt in the Popsugar reading challenge.