Coronavirus and Anxiety

It's safe to say it's a strange time for us all right now.  With restrictions in place meaning we can only go out for essential shopping, one form of exercise per day or any medical need its certainly a scary time.

The outbreak of the Coronavirus is certainly  making me struggle with anxiety. The what if's have been floating in and out my mind.  One minute I'll be feeling ok the next I'm thinking what if we get it? What if someone I love dies? What if die?  The whole thing terrifies me if I'm honest.

I know this is something that we are all going through together. It's hard though when my mind plays tricks on me. The uncertainty of how the coming months are going to pan out has definitely left me in tears a few times.  I know I most definitely wont be alone in this as there are many others out there who also have anxiety and maybe that's you too. 

I've been trying to distract myself from these thoughts and focus on the silverlinings of lockdown  and it's easier when I'm focusing on Blake especially his education as I am trying to do more learning with him at home. But when I'm lying in bed at night trying to drop off that is when my anxiety is at my worst.

How are you copying? Do you have any tips for anxiety?