Well my hope for a better week has been dashed. This whole Coronavirus has got me in a complete panic now. The schools being shut is a good thing as is the social distancing. But unfortunately there are people out there who aren't staying at home as advised. I've definitely felt emotional about it all and not going to lie I've cried a few times. I have a fear of death and I'm definitely afraid, seeing as how fast the virus is spreading.  I really don't think it's going to be long until we end up in lockdown. 

I'm starting to prepare to start doing a bit of teaching at home where we can. Blake's school has given us worksheets and we've got educational workbooks and toys we will be using. We trialled out a schedule on Friday which didn't fully work out. The morning we did manage to do some number bubbles, story time, music and dance and did some counting, shape and number recognition. 

We quickly realised that Blake is more suited for us to do learning activities with him in the morning rather than afternoon. So our plan is now to let him have free play in the afternoons. I think it's important that we dont put pressure on ourselves to do loads of learning and concentrate more on play. My advice is to have a plan and if that plan doesn't work for you then find a new plan.

Until the schools are open once more and we know more on what is happening with this pandemic this is now going to have to be our new normal. It's far from a little moment but its something that is impacting us all.

We are lucky that we are in a world where we have internet so that we can still stay in touch with friends and family via chat and video chat. I've found alot of supportive groups out there that are helping to inspire us with things to do whilst we have to stay inside. Alot of companies are doing live videos so that we can do fun activities such as musical sessions, exercise, baking and of course arts and crafts.

The main thing for us all to remember is that we are not alone,  we are all in this together.