Forest School Actvity Cards

Ad – Review. We were sent the activity cards for review purposes but all thoughts are my own. 

Blake loves being outdoors and so the lockdown is pretty tough on him. We are lucky to have a garden these days and regular readers know we have been out in the garden alot while the weather is nice.

I was recently sent the Forest School Activity Cards as there are some great ideas for activities to do whilst we are out on our once a day walk.  There are 48 actvity ideas overall to help encourage children to step away from screens and get more into nature.

Some ideas such as the earth day birthday  cake can be done in your own garden too. Activities that are featured on the cards come in 4 different categories:

Games - Such as Hungry Birds and Forest Fire which are great at burning off energy.

Connecting with Nature-  Woodland Mapping and making an earth day birthday cake are a few ideas.

Crafts- Such as story stones, stick frames and bark masks.

Survival skills - ideas include constructing a teepee shelter and light cabin fire.

We love that the cards are portable and durable and will definitely be doing lots of the activities when we can.