The first bank holiday in May usually falls on a Monday but this year it was moved to the Friday due to VE Day 75th Anniversary. Because of lockdown we obviously was staying at home but we still wanted to celebrate. 

Quite a few people I've seen on Facebook celebrated in various ways such as picnics in the garden or socially distancing street parties and decorating there homes in red, white and blue.

We still celebrated but with a more relaxed approach. I had completely forgot to decorate the house but we still did our 1 minute silence at 11 am and I showed Blake a video I had come across of the red arrows across Lincolnshire. You can see the screenshot I grabbed below.

I love history and WW2 is something that really interests me and I loved learning about it in school and that's also probably why I enjoy a histological fiction book based on that period. Both my Grandfather's were in the army during that time too.

I'm not a tea drinker these days and much prefer a steaming mug of coffee however my little way of celebrating VE Day was to enjoy a cuppa in the garden along with a cream and jam cake. Blake also took an interest in the cake and enjoyed one of his own,although of course it was only the cream and jam he ate.

We also spent most of the afternoon in the garden. Blake was kept entertained with his water tray. I added colour changing bubble bath so not only was there bubbles but the water was blue too. I had a chance to sit in the garden and just enjoy reading a book whilst Stuart was doing his own thing inside.

Did you celebrate VE Day's 75th Anniversary?