A few weeks ago we noticed before bedtime Blake had a wobbly tooth. He was quite upset by it and didn't understand what was happening. In all fairness we were not at all prepared for it.

So I took to amazon to find a book that would hopefully  explain it to him. I chose a Peppa Pig one as it looked like a great one to help Blake understand.

Blake has spent alot of time wobbling it with his tongue. To begin with he was upset and refusing to eat much but eventually he seemed to get used to it. We also noticed a few days later that another was wobbly as well.

Sunday evening I noticed one of the wobbly teeth was very loose and thought it wouldn't be too long until it comes out. Roll on first thing Monday morning when he pulls it out and lobs it across the room. Luckily we managed to find it and told him the tooth fairy was coming that night.

Blake wouldn't cope with having his tooth under his pillow so we said he pop it on the fireplace and the tooth fairy will still find it for him. He was thrilled the next day to find a shiny £2 coin in its place.

Friday we noticed wobbly tooth number 2 was loose and it eventually came out although we haven't found where it's disappeared as of yet. So Blake has been very lucky with the tooth fairy arriving twice in a week. She definitely needs to make sure she has enough shiny £1  coins now incase anymore happen to come out during lockdown.