With the weather changing this week, we've said goodbye to the gorgeous sunshine we've had recently. This has meant coming up with new ideas for keeping entertained.

I was glad that I had held back on doing the grow and glow terranium kit with him that my nan got him for Christmas. Because of Blake's birthday being so close to Christmas I do like to hold back doing activities such as this with him so that he has something else to look forward to at a later date.

The kit came with everything we needed plastic mason style jar, seeds, soil, sand, rocks, decorations and stickers. The light you have to buy separate though and you only have to add a spray of water to the terrarium. The kit has enough for 2 growth cycles.

We had fun first decorating the mason style jar with the stickers, some of which are glow in the dark ones. Then we added the soil, rocks and sand in layers that are reccomended in the instructions.  Then you need to spray with a mist of water before adding the little figures and pop on the lid.

Tbe grow light which was purchased separately is very handy for when the weather is like it has been the past week as it mimics the natural sunlight. All you have to do then is keep an eye on it spraying it often. You should notice that it starts to grow after 3-4 days.

It has been 4 days since we did the kit together and it's definitely growing.