This past week I feel like we have been stuck in a rut. I've been feeling fed up of going to the same places over and over because of us not driving we've not travelled to go for any walks. Where we live is pretty limited without a car as there are not many walking routes we know about. 

Blake being at school keeps us into a routine of sorts but the days that he is off and the weekend we are finding extremely difficult to find ways to keep him entertained. 

We did go out for a walk at a little park up a hill from us and collected leaves and flowers. Once we got home we got some card and double sided sticky tape and I spelt out Blake's name with it and then we added what we had collected.  We also painted one of the leaves to do a leaf print.

Next week we have some bits planned to look forward to doing and I'm having to find some ideas of other things to do to stop the boredom. 

I'm pretty sure alot of you are able to relate to feeling fed up right now.