Styling Fashion Hacks to Earn Extra Cash

Source: Unsplash

The various forms of community quarantine worldwide have built some frustrations among many. Being indoors all the time can take a toll on you.

Now more than ever, people are getting to understand the importance of nature. Research shows that spending time in natural environments improves mood and mental health. But it is not all gloom. There are activities you can do to improve your mood while at home.

Why not use the time to clean out your wardrobe? Think of it as a therapeutic closet-cleaning party. A cluttered closet can have a negative psychological effect on you. 

While you’re at it, you can make an extra coin. How?

#Hack 1: Rent Out Your Closet

Sure, people rent out cars and apartments. How about renting out your closet?

Remember how you are always raiding your sister’s or friend’s closet? Goes to show that everyone has some trendy wear that others would love to have. 

Yours can be a quick, on-demand service—perfect for a last-minute party. Get more out of your clothing by renting them out for a fee. This also applies to your fancy handbags, elegant jewelry, and designer shoes. 

Advertise via word of mouth or social media platforms. Be open to people coming for a fitting. Consider using rental sites such as Style Lend. They provide a platform to lend out your closet, and you only need to follow the instructions below:
Register an account with them.
List down the items you wish to lend. Get your list approved.
Customers go to the site and identify the items they need.
Get rental approvals within 24 hours.
You get 80 percent of the money paid for the rental while the site keeps 20 percent.
Payment is by PayPal or Venmo.

#Hack 2: Start Selling Pairs of Shoes Online

You probably have some shoes you wore only once because they pinched. Or maybe you have outgrown some shoes because the heels are uncomfortable. 

Let go of shoes you haven’t worn in a year, and start selling them online. Choose an online shop platform with this pricing.

The e-commerce fashion industry is one of the most popular e-commerce niches. Projected sales by 2022 are at $713 billion, thus a lot of potential business to cash in.

Consider creating your own online store. This may sound like a daunting task, but it is simple with this quick guide:

Step 1. Create your store with an e-commerce website builder. Let it be easy to navigate.
Marketing expert Christopher Dayagdag says, “Getting a quality website is not an expense but rather an investment.”

Step 2. Get either a paid or free plan. Paid plans are easy to use and have customer support compared to free ones. The plan should also be mobile friendly because many shoppers browse using phones. 

Step 3.  Have a business name and domain for your store. Make the business name catchy for buyers to identify your business with ease.

Step 4. Choose a customized site or a template. If you are looking for a unique site with personalized user experience, go for a customized one.  Opt for a template if you lack much experience running websites.

Step 5. Photos are a marketing tool. Upload good-quality photos of your product, and include prices. It evokes emotions in buyers and leads to sales.

Step 6. Offer different payment methods. Replace traditional payment methods with m-commerce ones.

Step 7. Test your store to ensure it looks good. Once satisfied with the look, publish it. Go ahead and make your money!

Source: Merchant Savvy

#Hack 3: Host a Clothing Swap

Create a well-organized swap of clothes, shoes, and accessories you no longer need. Arrange these according to gender, size, season, and style. 

Label all items. You want shoppers to find what they need with ease.

Be specific about the audience you invite for the swap (for example, plus-sized women). Include a specific time and venue for the swap in your invitation. 

Request a buy-in fee. The buy-in fee allows people to join in and swap for a certain amount of money and items. Set the amount.

#Hack 4: Hold a Yard-Sale Display

Set up your yard, and sell shoes, clothes, and even jewelry. Create hype about it using offline, using signage. Other ways include placing flyers in supermarkets and coffee shops. You want it to be a success.

Use social media and sites like eBay or Craigslist for online publicity. Organize your clothes, and display them well. Shoppers like items on eye level, so avoid placing items on the ground.

Price the items at a fair price. Shoppers tend to haggle, so mark up the display prize by 10 to 20 percent.

Sit back, and make your extra cash.