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Driveways have a big impact on your homes kerb appeal. Which in return has a high impact on your homes valuation. So if you live in a home that has a driveway it's definitely something you may want to consider especially if you are planning to move any time soon.

If we lived in a place with a driveway I think it would be important to search for driveway companies near me and so would advise you to do the same. As it's such a big job it's worth while getting a professional to do the job.

 There are many types of driveway surfaces to choose from with many pros and cons to them.
Here are six options you can potentially to choose from:

Resin Bound
Resin bound at the moment is a popular option. When done properly although it is at the top end price wise it is a fantastic alternative to traditional surfaces. Resin bound is a two part polyurethane resin that is mixed with a decorative aggregate and sand. Once the aggregate is coated in the resin it is levelled over a prepared surface at around 18-20mm. It is then troweled by hand to a smooth finish. A glass bead is added to the surface as it is laid to give extra grip under foot. It is crucial that the right resin is used along with the correct amount of aggregate to ensure a quality long lasting finish

Tarmac has been around for years and is good cost effective solution. It's a great functional and lasting option and although isn't overwhelming appearance wise it stands the test of time.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete 
PIC is stunning visually and hardwearing. It is a great value option with low maintenance and is weed resistant.

Indian Flagstone
Not only is Indian flagstone a visually stunning option its hardwearing, cost effective and low maintenance. Not only that but it is also suitable for patios and other outdoor spaces as well as driveways. 

Gravel is a cost effective option that is low maintenance and quick to install. You can choose from many different colour options too. Admittedly this is my least favourite option.

Block paving 
Although a practical option one thing to bear in mind is that block paving can be costly and time consuming to maintain. On the plus side it is a visually stunning option which can easily be repaired and good for moving snow and ice. If you live somewhere where you tend to get snow and ice often than it's definitely worth considering compared to the other surfaces available.

I hope this handy guide is a great help to you if you are considering getting your driveway renovated. 

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