BOOK TOUR| For When I'm Gone By Rebecca Ley

 Ad – review. I was sent a copy of this book for review purposes and all thoughts are my own.

Today I'm involved in the book tour for  "For When I'm Gone" By Rebecca Ley. Rebecca Ley is a journalist who wrote a column for the Guardian, Doing it for Dad, about her father's dementia. She has previously worked at the Times, the Sun and the Daily Mail. For When I'm Gone is her debut novel.

About the book:
Because there's never enough time to say goodbye...

Sylvia knows that she's running out of time. Very soon, she will exist only in the memories of those who loved her most and the pieces of her life she's left behind.

So she begins to write her husband a handbook for when she's gone, somewhere to capture the small moments of ordinary, precious happiness in their married lives. From raising their wild, loving son, to what to give their gentle daughter on her eighteenth birthday - it's everything she should have told him before it was too late.

But Sylvia also has a secret, one that she's saved until the very last pages. And it's a moment in her past that could change everything...

What a heartbreaking and emotional read. For When I Am Gone tells the story of Silvia who is diagnosed with breast cancer. She knows she wont be alive for much longer and so writes a manual for her husband which involves a revealing of a secret she has kept from him. The book switches between "Then" which is before her diagnosis and whilst going through the difficulty of it all. The manual that Silvia wrote before she passed away and last of all "Now" which tells life after she has gone and her husband has read the manual. For when I am gone is beautifully written and a great debut from Rebecca Ley. 

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