This week was back to school for Blake. The past 7 weeks of the summer holidays have been incredibly hard for the 3 us. Blake has struggled with not being in school and we've been struggling with him lashing out.  Now he is back in school we are definitely glad for the routine.  

Blake is staying in reception year which we think is definitely the right decision for him. He was only at his current school for 2 weeks before lockdown. Although he was able to still go in it was on a reduced timetable and only 3 days a week. 

Unfortunately he was only in 3 days this week as when he came out of school on Wednesday we were told he had some spots which could be chicken pox. With a few more popping up we kept him off Thursday to keep an eye on him. No more spots appeared so we had a chat with our GP who doesn't think it is chicken pox after all. We kept him off Friday too but he seems fine so he will be back to school tomorrow.

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