Top Ways to Spruce up Any Garden

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Are you looking for some ways to revamp your garden and give it a new lease of life? In this short guide, we’ll lay out ways that you can achieve this!

Firstly, you may wish to have flower bed or potted plants added to your garden. In the case of the former, you could have three rows of flowers added with the tallest at the back. You could also consider ideas for unique planters that you can hang on a fence .

Among the most popular flowers in the UK are lilies, tulips, sunflowers, daffodils, sunflowers and orchids. 

If you’d like to have potted plants added, there are many spots throughout your garden where they would fit well such as along the walls, on the decking or on a patio. 

Whichever approach you take, any flowers/plants in your garden should complement the various colours that surround them.

Not only do flowers add a wonderful aesthetic to a garden, they help to hold the soil better together (for an in ground flower bed) and improve air quality!

Flowers/plants can of course also attract wildlife as is the case with water features. Some of the most common water features are garden ponds, water gardens, streams, drilled rocks, rills, water blades, fountains and reflecting pools. 

Each has their own advantage but ultimately water features in general can offer calming sounds and soothing sights while alike flowers can enhance air quality. Water features can also help with humidity levels. This post on how to build a wildlife pond is sure to come in handy.

Another way to encourage nature into a garden is with a birdfeeder. Some of the most commonly used birdfeeder types are platform, window, house, tube, nyjer, nut & nibble, seed, ground and suet feeders.

A great way to improve the look and utility of your garden is with decking. This can act as the perfect social focal point for your garden. However, laying a patio is a more straight forward alternative.

As for garden benches, the most common materials used are cast iron, timber, cast aluminium, rattan and stainless steel benches. Straight, backless and lutyens benches are some of the most used designs.

Other additions that you may want to add to a garden are a new shed, fencing or fresh turf. Whatever changes you choose to bring to your garden, keep an open mind, do a bit of research and plan it out well. Once you do, you’ll be well on your way to sprucing up your garden!

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