This past week I've really been enjoying the cosy evenings a lot more. I've definitely noticed the darker evenings and it's definitely been raining alot more. It's been much colder too although we've had to put the heating on only a few times so far. One thing I do miss is that our house doesn't have a fire. We used to have an electric one at the flat we lived in but here the fireplace is blocked off with tiles. 

My perfect cosy evenings have been either under a thermal blanket on the sofa or wrapped up in bed. I'm loving getting in my pj's a bit earlier or wearing a thick cosy jumper and socks are a must. I've loved eating stews and casseroles and drinking hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. Once I've been feeling all warm and cosy I've been either reading or watching a film/show on Netflix. 

How have you been spending your evenings recently? 

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