First of all Happy New Year! Last year we had celebrated the New Year whilst visiting Stuart's family as usual. This year though has felt rather quiet compared. Last year we fitted in quite a bit with walks, soft play etc but covid has meant that this new year we didn't visit family and have just been at home. We've not really gone out either as it has been so cold and we've had a bit of snow too.

I usually set myself some goals for the year ahead but decided to be a bit more relaxed this year. Once places are open again there are a few things I want to do such as get my hair dyed, a new tattoo and get my nose pierced. But other than that I'm pretty relaxed as far as goals go and just going to take things as they come.

I came across these Gentle Goals from Sweatpants and Coffee and they definitely seem to be the sort of goals that are relaxed and ideal for the year ahead.

Quite a few of our plans got cancelled last year due to covid so this year we've decided to not book anything like holidays yet as we have no idea how this year will pan out and don't want to risk it. 

Just before new year we go moved to tier 4 which has meant it's near enough like a full lockdown as non essential shops, bars, restaurants,  hairdressers etc aren't open. We are still trying to keep positive though and do what needs to be done to keep safe and healthy.

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