This week on Monday morning we woke to snow and text message from Blake's school saying they would be closed for the day. We were glad to stay in the warm most of the day as it was pretty cold out there.

Blake even though he doesn't normally like snow really wanted to be outside. So after lunch we wrapped up warm in coats, hats and gloves plus wellies and went into the garden.

To begin with Blake was a little unsure but he was soon picking up snow and chucking them at the back wall. Before long the two of us ended up having a snow ball fight before the snow started coming down again. 

We are glad that Blake changed his mind about snow and wanted to explore it on his own terms. I think it helped that as soon as he was ready to go back inside he was able to.

We still have some areas nearby with snow but we had a few days where the sun was out this week meaning most areas the snow has melted. I managed to capture a beautiful winter day in the week where it wasn't so cold, we had a bit of winter sun and  blue skies. 

We are glad that its now half term and can spend some time together as a family. Hopefully we will be lucky again and have a few days of winter sunshine.

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