Ad -  We was Gifted the Craze Sensations Four Pack Compound Kit for the purpose of this review. All thoughts are my own.

Sensory toys are a must in our household. Sensory toys are great for children to help them to relax and feel calm. This is especially true with autistic children like Blake as they can really struggle with sensory processing. Blake is a huge fan of slime, play doh, play foam etc. We were excited to be able to receive the new ASMR range from Craze Sensations to try out.

Craze Sensations are a fabulous new collectable ASMR range that taps into the sensory trend.  Open and discover a world of sounds and textures! Mix the decorations with the special compound to create unique satisfying sensations.

The 4 piece compound kit has inside each of the 4 pots a new sensation to enjoy. Open the pot, discover the exciting compound and then mix it with the textured decorations and let the fun begin! Listen and feel that AMSR satisfying sound as you squish, smoosh or crunch the decorations together with the unique Craze Sensations compound.

The pots that they come in remind me of a certain brand of yoghurts where you tip the sprinkles into the yoghurt. This makes it easy to add the decorations into the four different types of compound and mix them. The four compounds are all different textures Butter Slime,  Slime Bomb, Foam and Sand. 

The little booklet that it comes with explains about the different textures, if they stretch, sounds and scents of them.

Butter Slime 
Has a silky and buttery feeling, it's not very stretchy but can be moulded.

Has a bit of a sticky feel and a bit stretchy, while at the same time being soft and pleasant. It makes great ASMR sounds.

Grainy and mouldable, cut into it to discover its sound.

Slime Bomb
Is a transparent, soft and very stretchy that reveals some bubbles after being manipulated.

You can collect more colours of each different compounds. They are also easy to seal back up and secure to store away as the packaging has a further lid on each compartment.

We loved the different smells from each of the compounds. Blake loved mixing the two textures together. Blake's favourites have to be the foam and sand whilst I absolutely loved the butter slime. Even us adults will have fun with these. I for one definitely found it relaxing and Blake spent quite a long time after school playing with them for a bit of down time.

As well as the Craze Sensations Four Pack Compound Kit (RRP £9.99) you can also purchase Craze Sensations Single Pack Compound Kit where you can discover one of 12 different styles to collect (RRP £2.99). They can be purchased from all good toy shops.

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