This week on the Tuesday I went to the hairdressers and had my hair dyed copper. It wasn't a spontaneous thing I had been wanting to have my hair colour changed for awhile now. I had a consultation the week before to dicuss the colour and what would suit me and went for it.

Why did I get my hair dyed?

I noticed a few greys but the main reason was that every time I looked in the mirror I just hated the colour of my hair. I needed a change, and in the past I've always gone lighter and had highlights put in. But after 9 years of not dyeing my hair and embracing my natural colour I wanted something different. So I went to a hairdressers and had a chat about what would suit me and opted to go with a copper tone. 

Why copper?

I had been looking on Pinterest for colour ideas and I was really loving the look of hair with red tones but was unsure about it suiting me. In the end after discussing with a hairdresser I decided that life is too short and to  just go for it. It is a bit more coppery than I expected but I actually do love how it's turned out. I'm definitely feeling much more happier and confident since getting it done. 

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