The Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities for Children

 *This is a collaborative post*

There are many benefits to pursuing a hobby, so it’s certainly worth helping your child find an extra-curricular activity they enjoy, if you haven’t already. After all, the main academic curriculum doesn’t always offer a holistic education and there is so much than can be learned outside of a classroom. A nursery in Somerset have shared some of the main benefits of extra-curricular activities for children below…

Develops Motor Skills

Most hobbies allow children to develop their fine and gross motor skills. Whether they’re learning an instrument, playing a sport, or taking part in something more unique like chess club or knitting, children are able to use and strengthen their muscles, both big and small.

Reduces Stress

Parents often forget how stressful being a child can be sometimes, because its nothing compared to adulthood. However, stress is relative and what seems like nothing to you might be putting a lot of pressure on your child’s mental health. Pursuing a hobby provides an opportunity to blow off some steam, relax and mainly just forget about the pressures of everyday life.

Promotes Patience & Perseverance 

No matter what extra-curricular activity your child is a part of, there will be times when they feel like giving up. With that said, pursuing a hobby allows children to learn the importance of perseverance; they cannot give up at the slightest sign of an obstacle. 

Boosts Confidence

Extra-curricular clubs are a chance for children to develop a range of new skills, some mentioned above, and build relationships with people outside of their normal social circle. As they start to become more comfortable around their new peers and more competent in their chosen hobby, their confidence will rise. This will help them perform well in other areas of their life, such as in school or at social events. 

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