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As boys get older it can be harder to know what to get them as gifts. I certainly find it especially harder for my two oldest nephews. I've found some brilliant children's gift ideas here, not only that but I thought I'd share with you some of my favourites below.

Beat That 
A fun game where you can complete wacky challenges with friends using random objects. There are 160 challenges that can be done using cups, chopsticks, ping pong balls and dice. Can you gargle a song while your partner guesses within 30 seconds? Or stack up four dice using chop sticks in 30 seconds? This is a game that is sure to be a popular gift option for getting the whole family or friends together.

Kids Against Maturity
Kids Against Maturity is a hilarious card game. This awesome game is packed full of juvenile toilet humour for the whole family to enjoy. Simply combine the phrases on the blue cards with the quotes on the white cards for instant giggles. If you are aware of Cards Against Humanity than it's similar but suitable for children.

Smart ball 
Smart ball is a fun football that counts your keepy uppys and other tricks. The ball lights up and counts out loud to 100. This is a fun way for challenging friends and family members. 

6 in 1 Solar ecycler 
This eco friendly kit comes with all you need to build 6 moving models using household recyclable items.
Powered by natural sunlight, the models are easy to make up and build using old recycled items with the various kit parts, including a solar panel, motor and all important instructions. Have fun recycling a drinking can to create an impressive Walking Robot with googly eyes or reuse empty water bottles to build a Bottle Yacht. This set is a great introduction to solar power technology whilst using your own imagination and inventing your own creations.

Quizzie is a cheeky robot that asks questions and if you get them wrong will squirt you with water. You can record up to five yes/no questions. If they get the answer wrong this cheeky robot will squirt water in their face. You can also test yourself with Quizzie at two face-changing games - the tricky Memory Game and the randomly squirting Lucky Game. 

Wicked Pranks and Jokes 
Know a child who loves jokes and pranking others? This is the gift for them! This fun set includes 100 outrageous belly laughing pranks and jokes to prank friends/family members and cause mischief. There are modern pranks such as the smart phone spider trick along with classics such as a fake parking ticket.

Jellyfish tank mood light
Watch the jellyfish glide around the tank as the mood light changes colour. The realistic movement of the two jellyfish is provided by jets of air moving the water inside the tank, while the triple LEDs light up the tank changing into 3 different colours. This is soothing and relaxing sensory addition to any room.

Kids seem to really love facts and so the Factopia book is bound to be a hit. This book is filled with 400 incredible and hilarious facts. Examples include: Did you know that a squid has a donut shaped brain? Or that Mars has blue sunsets? All the facts that are included are verified by Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Milk chocolate game controller
Who wouldn't want a delicious novelty chocolate bar? This game controller one is sure to be a hit made with both milk and white chocolate 

Plop trumps
Know a fan of top trumps? Well why not mix it up and try plop trumps, a card game with the perfect blend of science and yuck factor. From alpaca to zebra, this unique set has fascinating facts and figures about the animals and their business, from frequency to smelliness, complete with photos. This game is sure to entertain and amuse.

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