*AD – I was gifted a set of Trade To Aid Reusable Sanitary Pads for this review. All opinions are my own though.

For quite a few year's now I've been using cloth sanitary pads. It was a switch I'm glad I've made as not only am I helping the environment, I'm saving money and I've found them much more comfortable than the plastic filled disposable ones. 

Today I am sharing with you a company whose mission is to end period poverty. Did you know that over 500 million women worldwide are affected by period poverty. Meaning that they don't have access to enough feminine hygiene products. 

Who are Trade To Aid?
Trade to Aid are a non-profit social business. They recognise that period poverty is a very real global issue and that financial constraints often prevent girls and women from accessing sanitary products for their periods. They also realise that without access to sanitary products, girls and women are forced to improvise or not use any sanitary products at all. 

Trade To Aid have a mission to end period poverty To do this they have made their own sets of reusable sanitary pads. For every set that is sold they will donate a pack to refuge camps. Not only that they donate 100% of profit by supporting and funding menstrual education in places such as Africa.

The Trade To Aid pads
The reusable sanitary pads come as a set of 6 for £29.97. The set comes with x2 heavy flow, x2 medium flow and x2 light flow pads and a waterproof wet bag. The pack also comes with a handy guide on how to use and wash the pads.  These sanitary pads are made from high-quality super-soft bamboo charcoal and recycled plastic.

My thoughts
Overall I'm really impressed with the set. It's great that the set contains pads for different flow types and information on how to use and wash them. The set in my opinion is great for getting you started on using reusable pads.  I absolutely love the pattern and how colourful the waterproof part of the pad is along with the matching storage bag. The storage bag is definitely a handy item to include in the set. The pads are really comfortable to wear and I've found the absorbency is ideal for my needs. Reusable pads can usually be expensive but they are definitely a worthwhile investment. 

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