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Last week I shared my gift guide for the kids and today I'm sharing with you my gift guide for the adults. There is a mixture of items featured for all genders. So grab yourself a drink and settle down as this gift guide is a long one. 

Hydro Comfort Skin Reset |£17.50| Wilkinson Sword
The Hydro Comfort Skin Reset is Wilkinson Sword's first razor designed to comfortably tackle up to 7 days of hair growth without pulling, tugging or irritation. Perfect for adventurer dads who aren't prone to shaving everyday. This set comes with 5 razor blades.


Eco Warrior Shaving Bar | £4.50 | Clear Confidence 
This moisturising and vegan friendly shave bar from the Little Soap Company creates a luxurious lather that moisturises and soothes the skin before and/or after shaving. Containing coconut oil and plenty of shea butter and scented with bergamot and lime, the Eco Warrior Shaving Soap Bar can be used by both men and women to shave facial or body hair. 
Plastic-Free Shaving Brush |£14.97| Clear Confidence 
Wanting to ditch the plastic? Then this shaving brush combines a 100% wooden plastic-free construction with grass-based sisal bristles to offer one of the most ethically sensitive eco-friendly shaving brushes anywhere on the market. 

Coffee and Mug Bundle | £19.99 | Black Insomnia 
Know someone who loves their coffee. This coffee and Mug Bundle from Black Insomnia is a great gift option. Choose how you want your coffee, and drink it from your Black Insomnia mug. Available in Beans and Ground, and in both Black Insomnia and Black Insomnia Classic.

Black Insomnia's selected blend of Arabica and Fine Robusta beans are slowly and carefully small batch drum roasted, an age-old Italian tradition. Smooth yet strong caramel, hazelnut and macadamia aromas. A luxurious robust dark chocolate flavour with a velvety body and crema. Low in acidity and all-natural. 

The King's Ginger liqueur | £23.50 for 50cl | The King's Ginger 
The King’s Ginger is a ginger and lemon-based liqueur originally created for King Edward VII in 1903. Its warming quality and distinctive flavour made it a favourite of Edwardian high society, and its bottle now bears reference to the King’s original saddle flask. Today, the liquid is popular around the world, both as a sipping liqueur and an ingredient in many classic cocktails. The King’s Ginger is available at stockists including Amazon, Waitrose, Fortnum & Mason, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges.

 Fabien Black Urban Scarf | £45 | Trendhim 
The Fabien Black Urban Scarf is a handsome textured scarf for men made to the highest standards for maximum durability and wearability. This black accessory features high-quality merino mix yarn for a soft feel. Designed in Denmark. 

Forever Living smoothing exfoliator | £17.72 | Forever Living
Forever Living’s Smoothing Exfoliator combines ingredients that gently reveal healthy, glowing skin. Round jojoba beads massage the skin and penetrate hard-to-reach places for ultimate cleansing while sustainably sourced granules of bamboo delicately remove dead skin cells. Designed to be used 2-3 times a week, exfoliated skin feels silky and smooth and is primed for better absorption of subsequent skincare products.

Skincare from Doctors Formula | prices vary
Doctors Formula is a cosmeceutical based brand which harnesses the best current active ingredients on the market which have been clinically proven to have corrective results on your skin. Doctors Formula have different ranges such as Maraine collagen, Dragons blood and Power actives. The ranges mean that there is something suitable for everyone. 
Intuition 4-in-1 Perfect Finish Trimmer | £29.99 | Wilkinson Sword 
The Intuition 4-in-1 Perfect Finish Multi-Zone Trimmer is an innovative styling solution to gently tackle women’s facial and body hair. With five different attachments, it’s specially designed to keep the blades from touching the skin. The trimmer removes the finest of hairs leaving a natural glow of the skin.

Arran Mountain Lavender candle | £35 | Arran Sense of Scotland
Arran Sense of Scotland sell a range of candle collections that contain rich essential oils to energise, relax and de-stress. Travel sized candles are also available as well as the large 35cl ones. Create a tranquil and relaxing space with the fragrance of their new luxury, lavender scented candle. A new home fragrance from ARRAN Sense of Scotland to help you slow down, breathe and relax. Escape the ordinary with this limited edition, lavender scent in a beautiful 35cl glass.

Gathering Knot placemat craft kit  | £26.95 | Craftiosity 
Craftiosity are a craft subscription service. You have the option of purchasing past boxes or a subscription. The boxes are a great gift idea for those you know who are into learning new crafts. With a subscription you get to try something new each month. In the Gathering Knot craft kit, you’ll be exploring a favourite macrame knot – the gathering knot!

With lovely muted tones of yarn, you’ll gradually grow your placemat by wrapping the yarn around the soft rope, creating gathering knots, then using stitches to bind the piece together. It’s a mindfully repetitive process that creates a relaxing rhythm. The kits come with everything that is needed to make your craft piece.

Oh My Flo Gift Set |RRP £32.49| Our Remedy 
Our periods give us women a monthly reminder to take care of ourselves, rest and rebalance. Invite calm back into your cycle with the 'Oh My Flo' tea. It's naturally caffeine-free, delightfully fruity and full of mood-boosting adaptogens including raspberry leaf, goji and schisandra berries. Drop in your daily dose of Moon Swings oil for a balancing boost. 

Dairy Diary 2022 | £8.99 | Dairy Diary 
This special 40th–anniversary edition of the iconic Dairy Diary is the perfect choice for planning your busy life. It has a practical layout plus stickers, reminders, planners and fascinating features on gardening, health and wellbeing. Lots new for 2022!

You’ll love the inspirational weekly recipes – simple yet delicious dishes that have been triple-tested to ensure they work every time. You can try something new every week throughout the year!


Recharge Midnight Black Joggers | £30 | Love Leggings 

These are the perfect Joggers to keep you covered whether you’re at home or off doing gentle exercise. Created with soft breathable fabric and combined with the high-rise waistband and customisable drawcord, Love Leggings joggers are designed to keep you comfortable and covered, whatever you are up to. They come in sizes 8-28 and in regular, tall or petite lengths. 

Lapis chunky circles silver earrings | £34 | Silver Bubble 
A beautiful circular burst of vibrant blue Lapis Lazuli set in chunky sterling silver, these handmade drop earrings are simply charming. They have a click in hook for added security. Earring is 25mm from top of hook to bottom of Lapis Lazuli. Lapis has a 6mm diameter and silver casing is 35mm thick. 

Sterling Silver Heart locket | price starts at £60 | LoveLox
This perfectly poised piece showcases exquisite engineering, with the hinge seamlessly designed into the flow of the heart and the clasp barely breaking the clean lines of the locket. The locket is beautifully finished with expert engraving and two delicately placed photos for a very special gift experience.

Heart Birthstone Necklace |£39.95 | Engravers Guild 
The Swarovski® Birthstone Heart Necklace is made with solid 925 sterling silver. A classic but contemporary piece which complements any style, this silver heart should be a staple item in any jewellery collection. Smooth curving lines define this item, offering gentle sensibilities and the crystal birthstone adds an additional personal touch. The broader shape makes the perfect stage for a beautiful personalised engraving, and all engraving is carried out with the finest diamond-tipped cutters.

*Friends top trumps | £9.99 | Amazon
Who doesn't know the famous theme song from the classic 1990s TV show, Friends? This hilarious comedy followed the adventures of a group of six friends, and won the hearts of viewers all around the world. With this pack of Limited Edition Friends Top Trumps, in its special Cappuccino Case, you don't need to go through the entire series for the 10th time to locate your favourite Friends scenes. Just sit back with a cup of coffee, and enjoy the most iconic moments starring this beloved group.

* Ginger Fox Memory Mayhem | £16.07 | Amazon
This mind-bending, multitasking game will really put your memory skills to the test. Memory Mayhem is a quick-thinking, fast-paced game of naming and remembering. Memorise the objects, make a mental note of the colours, and don’t forget the numbers – but first you’ve got to answer the questions…and all against the clock! Can you hold that thought amid the Memory Mayhem?

VEX Card | £10-£250 | Voucher Express 
The VEX Card is the ideal present for those situations where you're not 100% sure what to gift someone, but don't want to tie-down a budget to a single store they might not like. The card can be redeemed for any available voucher offered by Voucher Express in partnership with around 150 brands including Amazon.

Dodo Pad 2022 | prices start at £12.95 - £17.95 | 
The Dodo pad is an ideal organiser for busy families. The pad is a weekly planner that enables you to keep track of important dates and deadlines. Each week is clearly presented as a grid with each daily row divided into five columns. You can assign one column to each family member (with room at the side to 'marginalise' extra family members), or you can split the day into five because, let's face it, a single square is hardly ever enough room for an entire family or even one terribly busy person. By using the Dodo Pad, everyone can stay in sync and in the loop – coordinating family life has never been easier! The Dodo pad also comes with a pack of free save the date stickers worth £3.95 to help you to take your organisation to the next level.

 Cork Passion Notebook | £8 | PrimaBerry 
PrimaBerry natural notebooks are made from sustainable, high quality Portuguese cork and recycled paper. They have a range of colours and styles available. The passion notebook is in a stunning red cork with a black elastic band and ribbon. 
Piglets Pantry give you the chance to have Afternoon tea in the comfort of your own home. The afternoon tea for two is a great option for couples to enjoy together and includes:

- Two cheese and chive quiches
- Two Scotch eggs
- Two mini sausage rolls
- Two mini sausage rolls with cheese and pickle
- Two fruit scones with clotted cream and strawberry conserve
- A selection of four cakes (either carrot cake with cream cheese icing, blueberry, banana and lemon curd icing, chocolate chip and caramel drizzle)
- Earl Grey tea bags. 

Personalised photo cushion | £16.99 | Cushion Pop
Cushion Pop such a lovely variety of cushions that make wonderful gifts especially for Christmas. There are many designs to choose from and personalise.  I opted for this photo cushion design as I loved the idea of including a range of photos of the 3 of us. The quote in the middle also happens to be what we have on our living room wall. 

A fun, festive candle perfect for any Christmas home! Personalised with a name of your choosing and 'Christmas 2021', this candle is artfully decorated with a pretty star pattern. Kindredfires personalised candles are filled with a scented natural wax that burns for up to 40 hours. The glass has a matt white finish whilst the engraved part is clear so that the candle light shines through the design for a unique finish. The candle is complete with a patterned dust protector and a box, perfect for gifting. There are 12 different scents to choose from and we opted for orange and cinnamon which smells incredible.

Mug/coaster/keyring/magnets | Various prices | Printser 
If you love photo gifts then Printser has got you covered. Printser have been producing perfect personalised products for UK consumers for nearly 15 years. From personalised mugs to socks, wrapping paper and even face masks. The Mugs and coasters come in various design options to choose from that you are bound to find something to suit. There are also a variety of different keyring options to choose from and the magnets come in a pack of 12. There are many other products available and those that I have been sent to feature have all been excellent quality and make wonderful gifts.

Pinter 2 home Brewer | £149 | Pinter
Enjoy fresh beer with Pinter 2 and its precision-engineered technology allowing anyone to brew 10 pints of award-winning Fresh Beer at home. The Pinter was designed as a pioneer of the universal truth that when it comes to beer, Fresh is Best and Pinter 2 is the only way to access it outside of a taproom. The precision-engineered technology is a revolution for craft beer. Pinter  is available in a range of colours including: Submarine Yellow, Bona Fide Blue, Flame Red, Pure Finish, Midnight Grey and Icy White. 

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