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It's that time of year again when I share with you my annual Christmas gift guides. Christmas doesn't have to be stressful if you plan ahead and my handy guides should help you when it comes to finding gifts for your nearest and dearest. I have a gift guide coming up for the adults soon but today it's all about the kids so read on.

Away by Dani Seatter | £8.99 (paperback) £16.99 (hardback) | Ecoable
Away by Dani Seatter is a beautiful story aimed at children age 3-7 years. The story features familiar woodland animals and explores themes around  waste and what impact it has on our environment. This is a great book for teaching the younger generation on such an important topic. The book itself is made with 100% recycled carbon balanced paper as certified by the World Land Trust and uses eco-friendly materials and processes throughout.

*A Year of Nature, Craft and Play By Becky Goddard-Hill & Catherine Hughes| RRP: £12.99
Well-being author Becky Goddard-Hill and gardening expert Catherine Hughes have come together and written this eco friendly and fun activity book. The book features 52 nature, craft and play ideas that follow the seasons. The book is complete with gorgeous photos and how to's. We love that it also contains nature based science experiments, games, projects and more. It's definitely a must have book for kids who love getting outside.

Storytime Magazine |12 month subscription £38.99
Magazine subscriptions are a great gift option for children. Storytime Magazine is a monthly magazine that helps  to improve children's literacy. It's packed with fairy tales, new and classic stories, awesome animals, inspirational children, myths, legends, gorgeous illustrations, puzzles, games and much, much more!

There are no adverts, no plastic toys, and each issue arrives in a special envelope, so children have the excitement of receiving their own post! Plus get a downloadable gift certificate so you have something to give on Christmas day! Don't forget to order by December 17th if you would like your first copy to be delivered in time for Christmas. 

Okido Magazine | 4 months £30, 12 months £60 & 24 months £100 
Another magazine subscription is OKIDO which is a high-quality, eco-friendly educational magazine for children 3-7 years. Beautifully illustrated, every issue is packed with experiments, activities, doodles, and more to inspire a love of science, with a new topic to explore every month.There is also a special Christmas bundle subscription available for December. 

*Zimpli Kids Baff Bombz  | moon, star, cloud & rocket £4.50 each | available from Amazon and other great stockists
Each bath bomb from Zimpli Kids creates a colourful fizzing and special effects bath adventure whilst changing the colour of your water!  These fun and colourful baff bombz by Zimpli Kids are a great stocking filler. They are safe on the skin, are biodegradable and they are also vegan friendly. 

Mega Spin Saturn Yoyo | £10 | Wicked Vision
Get ready to yoyo like a pro with the Mega Spin Saturn from Wicked Vision!  Featuring a super smooth ball-bearing axle for incredibly long spin times - perfect for performing anything from basic to more advanced tricks! The butterfly shape is ideal for perfecting your string tricks and the flashing colour-changing LED lights on both sides add a whole new dimension to your throws! Each pack comes with a replacement string included. 

LiTTLEDUG Workstation | £16.99 | BigDug
BigDug have recently launched the LiTTLEDUG Toy Workstation and Tool Set. The set is great for imaginative play and developing fine motor skills. The 64 piece set including tools and  accessories is ideal for children age 3 + due to small parts. There are 6 different tools including a hammer and wrench and the bench also includes a play vice and storage bins. The peg board panel is useful for storing the tools. 

*Sneezy Panda | £24 | Amazon 
The game with flowers and leaves which make little panda sneeze!

Sam the panda loves to collect flowers and leaves from his garden, but there's a problem... they make him sneeze! Each time Sam sneezes everything his has collected flies from his basket. Can you race to collect all your colour flowers and return them to Sam's basket before he stops sneezing? This simple but fun game is suitable for ages 4+ and for 2-4 players. There are 2 modes of play competitive or cooperative to choose from. 

*Happy Hamsters Delux set | £39.99 | Amazon
Discover the speedy swirling world of the Happy Hamsters! The Happy Hamster modular track set lets you build unique, crazy designs to keep your hamsters busy day after day. Happy Hamsters will keep little hands busy and thinking caps on, encouraging imaginative play, keeping your adventurous hamsters exploring their new world.

It doesn’t stop there… watch in amazement as the hamster climbs up the elevator, plays in their wheel, uses his food bowl to escape down a tunnel, or build up their energy with speed boosters to scurry around the track quicker, and so much more. The set comes with 75 modular pieces and 5 cute little hamsters.

*Aqua Gelz Deluxe Set | £22.99 | Amazon
Make colourful, fun and squishy creations in just seconds! Aqua Gelz are magical liquids that transform into colourful, fun, squishy creations. Simply mix the special powder with water to prepare the solution. Squeeze the coloured Aqua Gelz into the supplied moulds.Then place the mould tray into the solution tank and watch as the Gelz set in seconds! There are 6 sets to collect.

George Kranky used just about everything he could find to create his Marvellous Medicine to cure his Grandma of being a grizzly old grunion. If it was runny, gooey or powdery, in it went. In this amazing science kit, there are 15 safe, fun-filled experiments, inspired by Roald Dahl’s terrific tale. Use safe household ingredients to see how chocolate can make George grow, create bubbling, firecracker potions, make a chicken shrink, Grandma launch in the air like a rocket and loads more

From the makers of best-selling Foam Cone Factory, Toomies Bubble & Bake Bathtime incorporates key play patterns of water and imagination, ensuring hours of role play fun while in the bathtub. Full of favourite kitchen accessories, little ones will love placing the saucepan on top of the stove top to hear the sounds of boiling water with a press of a button – they can even add bath soap to make the pan bubble over.

Kids can scoop and stir with the Bubble and Bake Bathtime Kitchen ladle or have their hand at baking by popping the pie in the oven and then twist the pot to send water down a tube to the oven below where it spins the pie dish inside. Kids can even do the washing up afterwards with a working tap and plug – perfect to get them training for the real thing! Ideal for sensory play, the Bubble and Bake Bathtime Kitchen supports fine motor skills and stimulates the senses – the ideal gift to unwrap for water loving kids!

*My Squishy Little Dumplings | £14.99 | Smyths 

Doe  Dip  Dee  Dot 
Can YOU resist The Squish?!
My Squishy Little Dumplings come in four adorable little interactive characters with BIG personalities to collect. They come with the cutest accessories to match! My Squishy Little Dumplings are the perfect pal that fit in the palm of your hand. Squeeze their cheeks to pop out their unique personalities!

With over 50 reactions; dress them up, tickle them, shake them, and toss them, they light up as you play and make the cutest sounds!

*Ice Unicorn 16" Mythical Kit | price starts at £11.50 | Be My Bear 

Be My Bear's Ice Unicorn is soft and cuddly with beautiful white fur and silver wings and hooves. Ice Unicorn is a member of the sixteen inch range of build anywhere bears from Be My Bear. Ice Unicorn originally comes from a magical forest near to the North Pole and it is believed that its magical powers come from left over Christmas energy swirling around the area! Ice Unicorn loves to make snow sculptures and go ice skating on the frozen arctic lakes hidden deep within the forest. Ice Unicorn's favourite food is ice-cream with bubblegum sauce. 

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