Ad/Gifted – The Sequin/Diamond art kits featured in this post were gifted to me in exchange for a review. However all opinions are my own.

If you and/or your children are into arts and crafts then these Sequin Art craft kits will be a hit. Over the past few months Blake and I have taken time to do these sets together. Even some of his friends have taken an interest and joined in. I was sent a set of 3 designs from the 60s range, a larger butterfly design from the Red range and a Diamond art kit too.

Sequin Art has become a trend for both children and adults as a calming and de-stressing activity. You don't have to be artistic to do these sets but just have fun and do them at your own pace.

Everything you need is inside the boxes: sequins, pins, image/guide and a polystyrene frame to mount the sequins on. All you have to do is use the pins to fix the sequins to the frame, following the guide to create your sparkling design.

If you are interested in knowing about the different Sequin Art kits this quick guide will be a great help. 

3 of the sets we were gifted were from the 60 range. The 60 range are sets that can be completed in 60 minutes. They are suitable for adults and children 5 years and over. Blake loved doing these kits with me but was only interested in doing them for 15 minutes at a time as he is always on the go.

As well as the 60 minute range I was sent a butterfly design (not pictured)  from the Red range. Now there is a red and blue range and Sequin Art have handy video sharing the differences between the two ranges. The basics is that the Red range has sequin shapes printed in the correct colour upon the shiny image. This makes the craft easier to follow as you will know exactly where to pin the sequins. The Red range is suitable for adults and children 6 years and over.

Last of all I was sent a Diamond art kit that is suitable for adults and children ages 6 years and over. I opted for the gorgeous sunflower design but there are quite a few other designs to choose from. Diamond art is different from sequin art but still lots of fun to do. 

Your kit will include everything you need to complete the design. In the box, you will find coloured gems, a self-adhesive image, instructions, polystyrene base, a small tray for gems, pencil, pencil sharpener and sticky glue pads. The basics of diamond art is that you use the sticky pencil included in the kit to pick up the coloured diamonds and place them on the corresponding colour on the picture.

I love that there are many designs to choose from with these kits  and that there are age group sections. Once you have completed a kit you have a gorgeous sparkly design you can frame and put on your wall. Unfortunately there are a few downsides, such as the pins can hurt your fingers if done for a long period of time which means taking lots of breaks. You also have to be careful not to drop the pins as they are small and difficult to see. 

Overall its a fun activity to do but you definitely need to have patience to do them.

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