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Life can throw a curveball at you. During the past few years many of us have come into financial difficulties. Covid sure has a lot to answer for thanks to many people being furloughed, hours being cut, having to juggle working from home whilst homeschooling. The stress about money to pay the bills on top is definitely something that isn't needed. Plus it's January which tends to be a bit tougher financially because Christmas has been and gone and December payday was most likely earlier than other months.

If you are in a position where you need to borrow money NEVER opt for payday loans as they cause much more stress and have high interest fees which you really don't need. Instead find a company like Polar Credit who offer alternative financial services.

Who are Polar Credit

Polar Credit are a direct lender who offer credit to those who need to borrow money. They are a responsible direct lender who makes all lending decisions themselves and never sell your personal information for marketing or any other purposes.

How does it work?

The application is pretty straightforward. You apply using their online application form choosing a credit limit that works for you. Once you are  accepted you can transfer money over to your bank account. Repaying what you borrowed is easy too, as well as flexible to meet your needs. This is ideal if you need to borrow money short term for any short falls. There is however a minimum withdrawal amount of £25 per withdrawal.

Reasons Polar Credit can help you

- If used appropriately than it can help to build up your credit score. As someone who hasn't borrowed much in the past its a great option to help to grow my rating.

- You can borrow small amounts of money as and when you need it as well as bigger amounts, depending on the credit limit you have been approved for. 

- The application process is straightforward. 

- It can be faster to apply for than a credit card and a great alternative. Ideal if you need money ASAP but also means you don't need an extra card to carry around in your purse. 

- Repayments are flexible and you may not need to pay the same amount each month depending on how much of your credit you have used that month.

-  Ideal for those times you are a bit short of money one month. This could be because you had an unexpected expense or like this month you just need that little bit extra to get by. 

- You can still apply if you have bad credit as they don't just factor in your credit score. 

- Not all banks offer an overdraft so this another great alternative. I don't have an overdraft so knowing Polar Credit is an option makes me feel at ease.

For more information, please visit Polar Credit.

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