Helping Your Child Become More Environmentally Conscious

 *This is a collaborative post

Instilling a sense of respect for the environment into your child from a young age is a great idea, because it will encourage them to make sensible choices as they grow up. For example, they might think twice about leaving a light on in a room as they leave. Raising an environmentally child is not only good for the planet, but it can also help parents save money, and benefit a child’s overall development. Here are some tips from an international sixth form.

Teach Them to Recycle

Talk to your child about what happens to our rubbish after its collected and explain why recycling is important. Let them help you sort it out into categories, plastic, paper, glass etc. Help them understand why landfill sites are bad because they produce harmful greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Take it slow, as these are some big concepts for little people to grasp, but you can’t expect them to respect the environment if they don’t understand how their choices affect it. 

Spend Time in Nature

Show your child how wonderful our planet is by spending plenty of time outdoors. Point out trees and flowers that you think are beautiful and talk about any wildlife you spot while you’re outside. Showing your child that you love and respect the natural world will encourage them to feel the same way. 

Watch Environmental Documentaries

There are so many documentaries and movies out there that explore the environment and the impact we are having on it. Seeing it with their own eyes will make it feel more real and hearing facts from the experts will help with their understanding. 

Be a Good Role Model

You can’t expect your child to respect the environment if you don’t. With that said, try and remember to switch off lights and plug sockets when you’re not using them, recycle your rubbish, and cut your showers short to save water. Model the behaviour you’d like to see replicated in your child. 

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