Exploring Moral Values with Your Child

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Moral values are important to a child, and they will be explored throughout their childhood. As parents, we should be exploring moral values all the time with our children; here are some tips you can use that this private nursery in Shoreditch recommends.

Show them the importance of telling the truth

Being able to tell the truth is quite important, especially at a young age. It’s about showing to your child that you can share how you really feel about something, and that it’s okay to be entirely honest. Fibbing is often seen in children when they’ve made a mistake and will look to find a way to get out of it. But if you tell your child that it’s okay to admit a problem when they happen, they’re more likely to understand that it’s fine to make mistakes, so long as you learn from them.

Model respect in the home

Respect is a big thing in your child’s growth. They’re able to build on understanding the importance of being kind to one another, and they can form better friendships and relationships with others. To help this along, you should model respect within the home. Offer your child as much respect as you’d like to see given to you as well. That way, your child is learning about the level playing field - they get to see how you would treat others.

Show your child how they can make amends

In a sign of immaturity, children will be keen to see justice if they see things they’re not happy with on the playground, but they may not be able to see past that. There are many ways a child can make amends with someone. Start by teaching your child the importance of manners and more importantly how they can say “sorry” to someone. If your child makes a mess you should be encouraging them to help you clean it up and be aware that while a mistake has happened they can be easily fixed.

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