*Trigger Warning : Features attempted suicide 

*This is a collaborative post

We are often told to talk about our mental health however it isn't always that simple. Back in 2009 at the age of 19, after my fathers death I was diagnosed with depression. However I'm pretty sure that I had undiagnosed depression from my early teen years. I may be open about my mental health these days but I never used to be comfortable. There are still times though that I feel I don't want to open up on how I am feeling. Having a mental health day now and again is important for my wellbeing. 

I do share quotes and numbers of services to reach out to if you are struggling. However I've not touched on how talking about mental health isn't always easy. Sometimes as much as you want to you talking about mental health can be difficult. Whether it's the first time talking about your feelings or like me been open and talked about your struggles sometimes there are just no words. Below are some of the reasons why somone may not talk about their mental health.

Don't know who to talk to 
For some of us it can feel like you have no one to talk to. We may feel that we can't talk to friends and . I've definitely felt that myself in the past especially in my teen years where I attempted suicide on quite a few occasions. It was only when I got with Stuart that I was able to slowly accept that I had depression and needed help. In fact I don't think I even realised that depression was a thing until then. 

There are lots of different treatment options available for depression. Your GP is a great point of contact for helping decide on the treatment option that's right for you. The first treatment option I went for was counselling where my GP referred me. However there are places that you can self refer. 

Another option is if you can afford to is to pay for a private counseller/therapist. The Awareness Centre offers counselling online or via phone and face to face therapy in their Clapham and Tooting centres. 

Don't know how we feel
It’s not always easy to work out our feelings and emotions. Sometimes we will feel nothing at all. At other times, we will have all sorts of feelings or emotions and it can feel pretty overwhelming and hard to figure out what they are. 

Don't have the words
Sometimes our minds go blank and we just have no words to describe how we are feeling. We just feel numb or nothing at all. 

Don't want to worry people
Those we love worry about us which shows that we care. However not wanting those who are close to us such as family and friends to worry is very common. There have been times very recently I've held back on talking for this very reason. 

Worry about others reactions
Unfortunately there is still stigma attached to mental health, although not as bad as it used to be. You sadly can't control people's reactions and not everyone is understanding and supportive. I have had people in my life who just didn't understand and that really has been hard and made me feel worse. Because of that it did make me find it harder to talk to others about my feelings.

Talking to a stranger
If it's your first time talking to your GP or mental health service it can feel awkward to begin with. Talking about your emotions can be hard enough with a friend or family member, let alone a stranger.
However some of us are the opposite and prefer talking to someone they don't know. To begin with I did find it hard to talk to anyone however these days I am open with how I am feeling with those I am close to. Although there have been times talking to a counseller/therapist has been a better option.

There are many ways that we can help someone we love who is struggling with their mental health

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