How to Raise a Compassionate Child

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Raising a compassionate child is something that takes time and commitment. Compassion isn’t a quality they are born with, but something they must learn over time and with plenty of practise, much like most qualities and skills. As a parent, there are various things your can do to encourage your child to be a kinder, more compassionate individual, as explored below by a senior school in Middlesex.

Help Your Child Feel Like a Kind Person

If you always believe your child is up to no good and assume the worst, negative behaviour is sure to manifest. However, if you believe your child is a kind person and you let them know that they are, their actions will soon represent compassion. With that said, praise your child whenever you notice them doing something kind or caring, like sharing their toys or helping someone in need.

Promote Empathy

Help your child understand how other people might be feeling and that their actions can influence that. For instance, if someone is already having a bad day and your child is mean to them, that will only make things worse. Alternatively, if they are kind and helpful, they might be able to cheer that person up. So, you should always encourage your child to think about what another person might be going through. 

Explain That Words Can Be as Powerful as Actions

Another thing your child should understand is that sometimes the words they use can be just as hurtful as if they were to hit or kick someone. Being a compassionate person is all about how we treat others, and this includes what we say to them, and also behind their back. 

Be a Good Role Model

The best way to raise a compassionate child is to show them how it’s done. If a waitress messes up your order at a restaurant, don’t be rude to them but instead treat them with respect and kindness. Doing so will show your child how to solve problems and resolve conflicts with people without being unkind, even when you feel angry.

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