Exploring Creative Writing with Your Child

*This is a collaborative post

Words give us the power to express ourselves and creative writing gives children the opportunity to form creative ideas and develop their thought processes. So, as well as helping them in English, it can help them throughout school in a range of subjects. We have teamed up with a private school in Essex to share the different ways that you can explore creative thinking with your child.


journaling is a way that you can get your child to write every day. It strengthens their communication skills while offering an outlet. They can write about whatever they like from what they spent the day doing to how they’re feeling. As they do so regularly, you’ll see how their writing comes on leaps and bounds.

A Sequel

We all enjoy books and films that leave us guessing. Our mind fills in the blanks until we know what happens next and sometimes that can be disappointing when it doesn’t pan out as expected. Writing a sequel or a new ending can be the thing that gives you closure and the ability to express your creative thoughts through writing.

Writing Competitions

Competitions are fun to take part in and can give your child an incentive to do their best work. Everything from local libraries to large channels and radios run them, usually getting children to submit short stories and poetry.

Letter to Their Hero

A way of tricking children into doing work is involving the things that they are interested in. For the purpose of getting them to write, you can encourage them to write a letter to their hero/someone that they adore. That might be a role model that they have in real life or a fictional character that they wish they could meet.

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