Kitchen Lighting: 4 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid

Lighting in a kitchen is both for aesthetics and function. When remodeling or building a kitchen, choosing the appropriate lighting is crucial. Unfortunately, mistakes happen, and poor choices occur. This guide is meant to help homeowners avoid lighting mistakes so their kitchens will be beautifully lit. 

 Kitchen Lighting Choices Are Critical

Most homeowners choose lighting fixtures based on appearance alone. Unfortunately, this can be a mistake. When homeowners are searching for kitchen lighting fixtures, they often need to rely on professional intervention. Hiring a kitchen remodeling company that doesn't use contractors offers the best option. 

Types of Kitchen Lighting

There are four main types of kitchen lighting. Each of these works in different ways to complement the look of a kitchen and make it more functional. The following offers information on the types of lighting homeowners can choose for their kitchens. 

Ambient Kitchen Lighting

Ambient kitchen lighting creates a soft and diffused light throughout the area. It is these lights that bring warmth to a room and make it more inviting. Considering their ambient lighting choices carefully helps homeowners ensure their kitchen glows and invites people to come in and enjoy the space. 

Task Kitchen Lighting

Task lighting is one of the most significant considerations in kitchens. These lights help homeowners take care of kitchen chores safely and effectively. Deciding on the strength and position of task lights is crucial. Think about installing these lights over the stove and countertops, including prep areas. Task lights help eliminate shadows over work areas. 

Accent Kitchen Lighting

Accent lighting, as the name suggests, is primarily focused on one area or feature. These lights highlight design elements and artwork in the kitchen. Working with a designer is essential for the proper placement of accent lighting. 

Decorative Kitchen Lighting

Decorative lighting has its place in kitchens, but it should not be viewed as the main source of light. Decorative lighting adds an artistic design to any kitchen but should be used sparingly to avoid too much drama in the design. 

Four Mistakes to Avoid With Kitchen Lighting

When choosing the above types of lighting for a kitchen, homeowners need to avoid making common mistakes. The following are the top four kitchen lighting mistakes made in homes across the country.

1. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when choosing ambient lighting is placing a single light in the middle of the ceiling. This setup creates body shadows no matter how a person moves. These shadows will make it difficult to work in a kitchen. 

2. Without task lighting, a seemingly bright and cheery kitchen becomes dull and difficult to work in safely. Task lighting is an essential addition to any kitchen design and needs to be strategically placed. 

3. Some homeowners skip accent lighting because they do not feel it necessary, but this is a mistake they should avoid. Accent lighting creates the wow factor for any kitchen design.

4. Decorative lighting mistakes are plentiful. One of the most common errors is including decorative lighting that stands out against the kitchen design. Make sure to try different decorative lighting pieces before having one installed permanently. 

Rely on Professionals

When it comes to renovating a kitchen, lighting is a major element. Relying on professional designers and contractors will ensure the new kitchen space is everything a homeowner wants. With the proper lighting, your new kitchen will come alive. 

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