The Benefits of Chores for Children

*This is a collaborative post

While for parents it's a way of getting the cleaning out of the way, chores can be beneficial for children in their development. They can learn about time management, meeting expectations and how to be independent. We have teamed up with a senior school in London to share more on the benefits of chores for children.

Team Work
Cleaning can teach children about teamwork. Everyone needs to chip in to maintain a clean and tidy house. It doesn’t work if one person does it all and the others go around undoing their work. 

As they learn to tidy up after themselves, your child will begin to understand and appreciate the hard work that you do.

Work Ethic
Parents can use rewards as incentives and teach their children about hard work. They can help to instil good work ethic, gratitude, and an understanding of the real world.

One day your child will need to do things for themselves like wash up and fold their own laundry. Putting chores in place gives them the opportunity to learn how things are done and develop good habits for the future.

Time Management
Chores are responsibilities. Adding them in restricts a child’s free time but gives them the chance to build their time management skills as they learn to prioritise.

Meeting Expectations
We all have things that we would rather not do like cleaning, but it is a responsibility nonetheless and something that’s expected of us. Having this type of expectation during childhood can be beneficial for children as it develops their perseverance and teaches them about taking responsibility.

A Sense of Importance
As they have their own role and are able to see the contribution that they are making at home, children can develop a sense of importance and self-esteem.

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