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July hasn't been too bad, Blake is off school until September for the summer holidays and we've been busy visiting family. Other than that we've not actually done much at all.

Disney +
We actually made the decision to not continue our Disney plus subscription once it runs out in August. However we've watched a few things this month that we may end up getting on DVD. 

Chip n Dale rescue rangers 2022
Chip and Dale live amongst cartoons and humans in modern-day Los Angeles, but their lives are quite different now. When a former cast mate mysteriously disappears, Chip and Dale must repair their broken friendship and save their friend.

Rons gone wrong
Barney, a socially inept boy, finds a friend in Ron, a digitally-connected device with the ability to walk and talk. Together, the duo navigates an action-packed journey and true friendship.


Midnight in the switchgrass 
Two FBI agents cross paths with Crawford, a Florida cop who's investigating a string of murders that appear to be related. When an undercover sting goes horribly wrong, Crawford soon finds himself in a twisted game of cat and mouse with the killer.

The Holiday
Kate, heads off on an idyllic family holiday to Malta with her husband Sean, teenage daughter Lucy and her young son Daniel. She is joined by her old university friends Rowan and Jenny, along with their husbands and their cool singleton friend Izzy. What starts out as the holiday of a lifetime soon turns into a nightmare. A dark secret rears its head and sets triggers fears of betrayal soon start to surface. Kate needs to take control of the holiday before things turn completely rotten.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3
If you are yet to watch The umbrella academy and are into fantasy and superpowers you may enjoy this series. 

Chad Valley 6ft Trampoline 
We've been wanting to get Blake a trampoline for the garden for awhile and this 6ft trampoline is the perfect size for our garden. Blake absolutely loves it and it's definitely going to be used especially now thr summer holidays are here.

Lady bird wall decor 
I was having a look around the garden bits in my local B&M as they had a sale on some items. This lady bird wall hanging wasn't on sale and cost me £6 but I love it! 

Garden hanging wreath 
This was in the B&M sale at £3 instead of £8.50 I love that it brings a bit of colour to our garden.

Bee wind spinner
This was down from £6 to £3 in my local B&M so had to pick it up. 

Safari Water tray
I've seen similar water trays to these around and decided to get Blake one as he loves water play. Our local Tesco had it on clearance for £25. When we got to the till it showed it was originally £50 so such a great bargain.

Lucky Rainbow Boutique Magical Ocean Enamel pins and stickers
I opted for the coral (sea horse) and Tallulah (dolphin) pins as I pledged in their kickstarter for hyper Japan festival. They really are such gorgeous pins and stickers.

Dee Daisy Popsy Dress
I'm in love with this dress infact I'm loving the Popsy designs. The dresses come in such a gorgeous range of patterns and colours and I want to buy more. I love that they also have pockets!
Blake got this as a surprise from his Nanny and he loves it. We love that it was so easy to put together as the instructions were easy to understand. 

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