Things We’ve Done To Reduce Our Everyday Expenses

Since the cost of living has gone up dramatically it's definitely noticeable on our finances and our money is certainly disappearing quicker. Subscriptions have gone up along with our every day expenses especially food. We are finding we are topping up our electric and gas alot more often than we use to. We've started looking into what we can cut down on and I thought I'd share some of the things I've done personally and a few joint things too.

Cancel unwanted subscriptions

One of the first things I did was go through my bills and see what subscriptions I could cancel. I don't have that many:  Netflix, Prime, Disney plus and Prime Music. I've chosen to stop having Prime Music as I don't use it enough and the other thing I've decided not to renew is Disney plus. As much as Disney plus is great its just not affordable for us now and instead we will get a few of Blake's favourite films on DVD  instead.

Swap to a SIM only deal

My mobile contract was close to the end and it was it was going to cost me less if I paid it off straight away.  As my phone works fine i decided to go for a SIM only contract. Instead of paying £20.99 a month I'm now paying £7.50 (not including my insurance which is £8 a month.

Change broadband provider

Our contract had ended so it made sense to see what else is on offer. We are in the process of changing broadband providers as we found a cheaper one than we currently use which has a quicker download speed. 

Using the snoop budgeting app

I've been using the budgeting app Snoop over the past few months which I've found to be a huge help as I can see where my money is going. I like that the app has personalised money saving guidance including weekly summaries and useful information and tips. If you would like to join Snoop and see what it's all about than I'd love you to use my referral link.

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