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Visiting the dentist is no fun, more so for somone who is autistic. It's not just a trip to the dentist that can be tricky brushing teeth and loosing teeth are other things that can be a struggle. Within this post I'll be sharing some strategies for making tooth brushing less stressful, loosing teeth less traumatic and dental trips a bit more easier for children on the spectrum.

Tooth brushing

Visual aids are great for visual learners to show a step by step guide on how to clean your teeth. You can find them online at places such as Twinkl or even make your own. There are tooth brushing songs as well that you can find on YouTube that are great for encouragement. A timer is also a great visual aid for knowing how long they need to brush there teeth for.

Choosing the right toothbrush is important due to sensitivity. There are toothbrushes available that are specially designed for those on the spectrum. There are 3 way brushes, 360°  brushes, U shaped etc so its worth having a look at what is available. Another thing to consider is the toothpaste your child is using. There are lots of flavours available suitable for children, however some children struggle as they find the taste too strong and overwhelming.  You can buy unflavoured toothpaste such as Oranurse.

Visiting the dentist 

Preparation is key when it comes to a trip to the dentist. There are some great books available as a great visual in favourite characters such as Peppa Pig. You could also write or find a suitable social story. Role play is another idea although not something we have done with Blake in regards to dentist preparation. 

Don't forget to have a reward planned for afterwards and if you use PECS a now and next board is a really good idea to have on hand.

Blake attends a Community Dental Hospital Service where they are experienced in additional needs. They are great for easing Blake's anxiety and I'd recommend asking your dentist to give a referral to them especially if your child really struggles.

Loosing teeth

We were not at all prepared when Blake lost his first tooth as we had thought we had a bit longer to wait. Blake really freaked out but since then we watched the Peppa Pig tooth fairy episode and read the book to him. He seemed to pick up the concept of what happens easily and gets excited about putting his tooth under his pillow now. 

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