*Some of the items in this post were gifted to us. All thoughts are my own.

The summer holidays have pretty much dragged for us. It hasn't helped that we were without Internet for a good while too. However we've got out and about and Blake has spent time with friends too. I luckily downloaded quite a few things to watch on Netflix and I've featured only my favourites from the month below.


Boo Bitch

Two senior BFFs make a last-ditch attempt to be seen. But when one of them becomes a ghost, she'll need to really live her best life — while she can.

The Lincoln Lawyer 

Idealistic lawyer Mickey Haller runs his practise out of the back of his Lincoln Town Car, taking on cases big and small across Los Angeles.


Alba awakens on a beach, bearing evidence of a rape but with no memory of the night before. Then she learns her rapists are her boyfriend's buddies.

The sea beast

When a young girl stows away on the ship of a legendary sea monster hunter, they launch an epic journey into uncharted waters - and make history to boot.


Hugo is a young orphan who loves pottering around with the station clocks and whose most treasured possession is his late father's automaton. His mission is to find a key that will get it working.

Disney +


Lightyear follows the legendary space ranger on an intergalactic adventure alongside ambitious recruits, Izzy, Mo and Darby, and his robot companion Sox. As this motley crew embark on their toughest mission yet, they must learn to work as a team to escape the evil Zurg and his dutiful robot army who are never far behind.

The Hair Boss Detox Foam helps to remove build-up that leaves your hair  looking dull and can feel heavy. Instead leaving hair fresh, voluminous and clean. Lisa’s Top Tip “If you apply The Detox Foam to your hair before getting in the pool and give it a quick blitz with a hairdryer, this will help protect your hair from chlorine. It's a great product that is suitable for all hair types and ideal for the summer.

Choosing a new fragrance can be difficult especially as we are all unique. The Dolma Women's Discovery Set consists of sample sizes of all 12 of the women's fragrances so you can choose which one is ideal for you. The fragrances are: Amethyst Mist, Anahita, Andromeda, Calista, Compassion, Cushi B, First Rain, Midnight Velvet, Light Bloom, Sarabande, Sun Joy and Vegamusk. The gorgeous collection of vegan and cruelty-free perfumes range from deep winter scents to light and airy summery feels.

For every sale at Dolma Fragrances, they plant a tree and every month support the climate positive workforce, meaning each and every person at Dolmas personal carbon footprint is taken care of through the various amazing initiatives at Ecologi.

King's Park Retford 
I've mentioned Kings park before, however I've had to mention the place again. This month we also got to enjoy the water park there. It was a bit spur of the moment going in for Blake, as we didn't have spare clothing or a towel with us. However there is an Asda nearby so we were able to buy something for him to change into. Just seeing him so happy made it worthwhile.

Lea Woods
We visited a local woods this month and we will definitely go back there again. There is also a park nearby as well which Blake really enjoyed. 

GAPA is a local to us adventure play area. It didn't have lots of things to do but was still a nice place to spend a few hours. 

*Tooth be told
I've only been using this toothpaste this past week however I've had to include it as I absolutely love it. Rather than using plastic packaging, Tooth Be Told comes in a container made of bamboo and aluminium. The paste itself is Midnight Black in colour and contains all natural ingredients:

Charcoal -  The charcoal binds to the acidic parts of wine, coffee and tea to remove staining. It also has antibacterial properties, and leaves you with fresher breath by removing more plaque than regular pastes.

Coconut oil - coconut oil tastes great and can neutralise strong smells such as garlic, while cleaning teeth better and leaving them whiter for longer. Scientific studies show substances found in coconut oil have antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Mint: You’ll enjoy the familiar freshness of toothpaste thanks to generous amounts of mint.

Other ingredients include: Deionised water, spearmint essential oil, peppermint essential oil, tea tree oil, citric acid, ginseng, aloe vera.

It is also an official vegan product, certified by The Vegan Society.

Gainsborough Treasure Trail 
Another thing we really enjoyed doing was the Gainsborough Treasure Trail. It didn't take long for us to do and was a great walk especially along the river side.

I picked up this dream catcher whilst I was browsing in The Range and it's a perfect addition for above our bed. 

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